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  1. I know the coach is messed up on 2A district 8 because Middlesboro is in district 7. Assuming they give Coach of the year to Daniel Barker, that district was picked perfectly.
  2. Cline is more than capable of running for 320+ if the rematch is anything like the first game this year. I don’t see him playing long enough to do it though. In the regular season matchup, Cline ran the ball 13 times for 164 yards and 4 scores in one half of play. I would expect another night like that in terms of attempts and yards.
  3. I’ll take the visiting Lions by 6. They are better than their record shows.
  4. 5. Somerset 4. South Warren 3. Manual 2. Raceland 1. Mayfield
  5. Assuming all the higher ranked teams win this week, am I correct in having the understanding that the following games will be for region championships? Metcalfe County @ LCA Hancock County @Mayfield Walton-Verona @West Carter Breathitt County @Beechwood
  6. Mayfield will make it 12 straight district titles. I would be surprised if this game is decided by single digits.
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