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  1. I’m going with the upset and the District Player of the Year. Sam does a great job managing the game. I’m going with the Colonels 27-21.
  2. Congrats to all players and coaches on the list! There are a couple of mistakes (wrong team with a coach and wrong district listed) but this was posted on Twitter earlier today. Thoughts?
  3. Never Won 5- Somerset 4- Bowling Green 3- St. X 2- Paintsville 1- Mayfield TB- 65
  4. The last 4 games have been decided by a total of 14 points. These 2 teams know each other pretty well, lots of mutual respect. Will it come down to the last play again this time? IMO, the winner of this game wins 2A State. Looking forward to another dog fight with the Jumpers pulling away at the end.
  5. Beechwood would host Somerset in semis if Somerset beats LCA and West Carter or Mayfield lose prior to the semi-finals. Beechwood would host in semis if 2 out of the top 3 RPI lose prior to semi. It’s playoffs and 2020 so anything could happen. If all top seeds win out then it will be Beechwood at LCA in semi finals.
  6. Who wins in the rematch? Looks like everyone is healthy on both teams and looks to be another great game. Does anyone know if this game will be streamed? Will tickets be sold to the public? I am going with the Jumpers in the re-match. Somerset 38 LCA 35
  7. I understood it that when it gets to semi-state it will be ranking both east and west by RPI and 4 plays 1 and 2 vs 3. With that being the case, and Somerset beats LCA then Beechwood would travel to War Memorial and Somerset would travel to West Carter. If LCA wins then LCA would host Beechwood and Mayfield would travel to West Carter. I know they did it like that last year.
  8. With the new decision to push back playoffs, why not just have the first two seeds play the first round of playoffs then we still finish on the original championship weekend?
  9. Jumpers maybe 0-5 in state championship history. Mayfield is 0-3 in state championships played in Lexington. Someone is going to break that streak...
  10. Great breakdown! Can't wait until Saturday! Hopefully it will be an injury free game with the Jumpers coming out on top!
  11. Yes, I think the two best teams are playing for the title. LCA was right there with them but because they share the district with Somerset, it could have just as easily been LCA in there as well.
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