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  1. Meade Co. comes in 1-0 after beating John Hardin for only the 3rd time in their last 18 tries. Meade Co. is lead by Senior RB Austin Oppel. Oppel had the game winning TD reception vs John Hardin. Oppel had 12 carries 80 yards plus 7 receptions for 67 yards and 2 td's last week. Meade Co also welcomes back 6-3 270 lb OL/DL Cole Knoop from suspension. Apollo lost to one of the better teams in any class last week (Owensboro) and looks to bounce back behind Harold Patterson and Damian Lovinsky. The pair combined for 255 yards rushing vs a VERY good Owensboro defense.
  2. I have a little info on PRP. At QB is A very talented sophomore Kaden Anderson. He’s 6-2 and has a great arm. Could have went to any of the power schools in Louisville. He’s as good as any sophomore in the state. Their best Wide receiver is #14 Derrik Gant. About 5-9 and can move. Gant has 4.5 speed and should be Anderson’s top target. On defensive Cameron Scheisser, Tanner Coyle and Zach Kelly are standouts.
  3. Manual sat their starters at halftime. Central played theirs the whole game. The score was Manual 14 Central 0 (Starter vs Starter)
  4. Male QBs three 4 interceptions. They were also missing 3 of 4 starting Defensive Lineman.
  5. Kyle Parker comes up with the interception for Meade and that’s the game!! Meade 14 John Hardin 7
  6. JH fumbles with 2 minutes left deep in Meade Territory Meade drives and hits Oppel on a 30 yd TD pass to take a 14-7 lead with 51 seconds left.
  7. Parker to Oppel from 10 yards out. Misses xtra pt. Meade 6 JH 7
  8. John Hardin recovers a fumble in the end zone 1:48 left in 3rd qtr 7-0
  9. Also, Meade has their best OL/DL player sitting a 1 game suspension. They also lost another starting lineman and a backup to injury this week.
  10. Halftime 0-0 Not too sloppy. Just both defenses playing well. Oppel had a long run called back.
  11. I don't see how that defense doesn't take a pretty big step back losing their whole defensive line. That was one of the better high school defensive lines I've seen. I do like Oneil, Wilkerson and Holinkamp (sp)? though on defense.
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