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  1. Meade played well vs 1 "power" type running team (John Hardin). They looked awful vs Louisville Central, who ran 2 "power" type backs. I think Meade will do ok on that side of the ball. Im more interested to see how well Meade moves the ball. The offense has looked much better the last 3 games. The quality of opponents these 2 have faced in much different. Meade has played 3 teams that are still undefeated late in the season and all have a chance to win state, plus a good Apollo and John Hardin team. South Oldham's toughest opponent was North Bullitt then Oldham CO. After that they have played some really bad teams.
  2. Meade and S Oldham both stay out of the red so the game is on tomorrow 😀
  3. Meade has to NOT be in the red when the Covid numbers come out today. If they are under and South Oldham in under the game is on. Meade has a beautiful new turf field that just opened a couple weeks ago. Press box is nice and the facility is really nice. If assume there is plenty of room/capabilities to stream /etc but with Covid who knows.
  4. Meade Co strengths: Austin Oppel is one of the better RB's in KY. Rushed for 2,000 yards as a sophomore in Indiana. Last yr he had over 1,000 yards in 7 or 8 games and was injured for 3-4 games. Experienced Oline. All district WR/DB (#20) 6-2 JJ Richardson had 11 catches 104 yards and a TD vs Central Hardin and had 5 int's last year. Is 7th in 6A this year. Meade just doesnt throw it much. Meade doesnt allow much through the air. One of the best pass defenses statistically in 6A Weaknesses: Stopping the run. Been bad vs the run but they have played some of the best teams in the state this season. (North Hardin, Lou Central and Etown are all still undefeated) They don't get much out of the passing game. As a team they have thrown 4 Tds and 10-11 Interceptions. Players to watch: #5 Oppel #20 Richardson #7 Godsey
  5. Etown just went for 2 and starters still in. On both sides of the ball. Up 36
  6. Meade Co (1-3) plays its 1st game on its beautiful new turf field as #2 ranked Elizabethtown (4-0). Up and down Meade Co looks to break its 3 game losing streak on Senior night. Fun fact, when this Meade Co group were freshman they only lost 1 game that freshman season and that was to ......ETown (I was coaching them ☹️). Meade looks to be mirroring last season, having its struggles early on moving the ball. Meade played outstanding for a qtr and a half vs North Hardin last week holding North to negative yards. But an interception and punt return turned the game quickly and the game turned into a blowout. Meade has REALLY struggled on offense and its switch back to the wing T this season. Etown has some talent, especially in the skill positions. QB Clay Games is tough along with RB's Sherrard, McNeil and WR Williams so this team can put up points. I think Meade will be prepared after playing 2 of the states best defenses in North Hardin and Central. Look for this game to be close. PREDICTION: Meade Co 26 Etown 21
  7. North drives about 40 yards to the Meade 5 but Meade holds. North kicks a FG and lead 17-0
  8. North Hardin scores after an Interception return to the 4 yds line. Wright scores. North leads 14-0 and still has negative yards on offense.
  9. At the end of one North Hardin leads meade county 8 to 0. Meade county has 80 total yards of offense and north Hardin has negative yards. North scored on a punt return.
  10. Meade Co. (1-2) visits #2 ranked North Hardin (3-0) Meade Co comes in off their worst offensive performance in years (70 yards total offense) vs Louisville Central. Centrals' defense was a big part of it but Meade was missing it's do it all RB Austin Oppel for that game. With Oppel back Meade will look to establish its running game to try to set up some timely passing and keep this game close. North Hardin has been impressive beating an improved John Hardin, maybe the best team in 5A in Frederick Douglass and Bullitt East. North is lead by UK commit Lavell Wright. Wright will take the field vs his former youth league teammates Austin Oppel and JJ Richardson when they face the Wave. The 2 teams have faced 1 mutual opponent, John Hardin. Both teams defense didn't allow a score with North winning 19-0 and Meade winning 14-7 (John Hardin scored on defense) Can Meade pull the upset? Or even keep it close?
  11. Central 16 Meade co 0 Central scores on a 50 yard int return, a safety and a Fullback run up the middle.
  12. No Austin Oppel today as he sits 1 game for a bogus “kick” in the Apollo game. Meade will struggle to move the ball in this one without him. Its a 2 score win If he plays and a tossup with him sitting. Look for a low scoring game.
  13. I’m not sure how you score 76 with a running clock. I have no problem with the score if it was all backups scoring in the second half.
  14. I think Ballard is really close to the same level as N Hardin. I think this one is close.
  15. Manual has as good a defense as anyone in Kentucky. Manual 40 North Bullitt 7
  16. Although I’m a Meade guy, I’ve coached football for a long time. And coached some of the better Junior and Senior players all around the state this year. I think Meade has a REALLY good defense. Meade and North Hardin both played John Hardin. Meade gave up around 30 more yards to John than North Hardin did. Both defenses pitched a shutout. We have a bunch of seniors who have started 2-3 years. Our offense is a work in progress. With a healthy team I think Meade beats Louisville Central by 2 scores. If Meade is missing a key player or 2 then it’s a tossup.
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