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  1. He can thank the Tigers for that nice ring he will show his grandchildren in the future.
  2. No no no. Trust me. Seeing these scores is very scary for the future of this season. I was around last year. That defense didn’t have a weak spot.
  3. Hard to compare last years defense to this years. That defense last year was special. Ask the BW Faithful, they’ll tell you where that defense stacks up in the Tigers Football history books.
  4. Shock isn’t the word I’d use. I’m not surprised by this score honestly.
  5. Bend don’t break. Only way to put it.
  6. Again like I said. They graduated their entire defense. Let them get smacked around a few times. They just need their battle wounds.
  7. Graduated basically your entire defense, and new HC. I’m sure they’ll be fine moving forward in the future.
  8. Good test for both teams. Give me the Tigers in a close one! 27-21!
  9. I’m glad to see everyone chomping at the bit to make their remark. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to, so I’m happy for you all. The Tigers will be fine. Remember, after all, they are just a little ole 2A school. 😉
  10. I sadly am too young, and not in the in crowd. My beechwood time was short lived, as I was only watching a family member when in ft. Mitchell.
  11. I watched the scrimmage, the Tigers will be just fine.
  12. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll take Waddell over any other MLB in 2A and perhaps the state last year. I truly believe with him not injured the CCH game would’ve been closer.
  13. Top in the state. Waddell could’ve started at any school he wanted at LB last year. Campbell was at the perfect position for the team last year, but I’m happy to see him now get to roam the middle of the field and do damage there. He will have another excellent season.
  14. You can’t tell me that isn’t one of the better looking stadiums now. Looks awesome.
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