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  1. Their closer O’Shea has looked great coming out to the bullpen as well. I think he’s only given up 1H and 0R. Has closed the Campbell County, and Oak Hills games, both of which were the only two very close for the Tigers.
  2. In 2020 BW played Ryle at Home. Beechwood won 35-14 according to MaxPreps. I believe that Ryle team though was much different than the team they put on the field this past year.
  3. Saw him play in the end of a couple varsity games last year. Kid can flat out sling it. The biggest question mark for beechwood will be the O-Line. They lose a ton including WKU Commit Luke Slusher. Will be exciting to see if they move kids around like O’Shea who played FB/TE to the line to put some varsity experience on there. Or do they have some JV guys in the pipeline that get their chance. That for me is the biggest issue the Tigers face.
  4. Have a decent freshman class coming in that could fill the roles and not to mention just how deep this team is. A lot of subs could start at other schools. Line should be just fine.
  5. Excellent write up VoR. I think we all see Power 5 commitments and assume they are supposed to take over the game. The BW defense was as good as they’ve been all year last night. Holding Brown and LCA offense to 14 points scored by them showed that. I guess we all figured he’d get 40 touches.
  6. All of us on the Beechwood side were wondering the same exact thing.
  7. No shot. He, from the film I’ve watched is an outstanding player, but didn’t play up to what I expected tonight. I’ve read plenty worse come from some on here, so if thats taken as a shot, wow. I agree that he was underused again, and after the hit he took, he didn’t look the same. Congrats to the Tigers on yet another historical season. I still can’t get over how great this defense was to watch all season.
  8. Congrats to the Tigers on a undefeated season, capped off with the one that matters the most. Told all year that they were second best, and glad they got the chance to prove it tonight. Xavier Brown very well might be that dude, but tonight I was not impressed. The BW defense bent, but never broke. Rash and staff prepares their kids better than anyone in the state. Tonight was another testament to that. Roll Tigers!
  9. This has the same feeling as last year. Beechwood the clear out sized, out talented, underdog. Love that for the Tigers. Nobody outside of Ft. Mitchell thinks they have a chance. Can’t wait for Friday!
  10. If the Tigers D-Line is outsized, and pushed around early, I suspect they put Slusher in the middle. A couple times of the year the D-Line has had a little bit of issues, and once Slusher goes in, those issues go right away. He’s a force on both sides, and causes extreme havoc. I haven’t seen it a ton this year but you might see Jackson, Slusher, O’Shea, Campbell up front. That’s their biggest package while still being athletic.
  11. I agree. Learned my lesson last year once the sun went down.
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