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  1. Shep was a special player! Kid got after it on both sides of the ball! They have plenty of skilled players and I have to agree, that the line is such a question mark, especially with what is going on in the world today. As a huge tiger fan I hope Rash does what he’s known to do, and get the most out of his team just like every year!
  2. That was my same thought process. They have a good amount of skill players but I think their line will be their weak link. Give Hergott time to throw and they will be deadly!
  3. Beechwood in their eyes had a down year last season and still made it to the Semifinals. Any idea on what this upcoming season will look like? They return some play makers, get a good freshman class coming up, but lose some key Seniors! Curious what the predictions are for their season!
  4. I listened in to a Google Meet Conference with somebody who I believe has a very good idea about what is going on with this season. He said that he believes that they will be playing this fall, who will be in the stands is up for question but they will get to play football nonetheless. No words on shortening of schedule, but did say there are no indication just yet of not having a season!
  5. Will be fun to see how this pre-season rankings looks if we get to play football this fall! (Praying we do) I think other than the top 2 teams the rest are not definite at their place in the poll. Lots of wins and losses between those teams from 3-10! Hope we get a full season of football to look back at this!
  6. Beechwood graduates a good amount of players, but the pipeline is very rich in the underclasses. It will be fun to see who fills in the holes and how well they mesh. Still put Mayfield at #3 until proven otherwise. Should be a fun offseason!
  7. Love the 1-7, know nothing about 8-9, and know more than a lot about number 10. Love to see my alma mater in the top 10 but I don’t know if it’ll hold long. Hope it’s a great off-season for every team.
  8. Wow. Not very knowledgeable in basketball in the 9th. More so baseball and football, but during my day this was usually a very competitive game. Could CCH possibly get them a championship this school year in basketball as well? How do they compare to the rest of the state? Cause it seems that they are above the 9th by a far margin as of right now.
  9. I know of Campbell playing a very intricate role for the Tigers, who is the other freshman? This team is very young, as well as graduating a decent amount of big time role players. While I hope the job gets done tonight, I think it’ll just be a foreshadowing of what the underclassmen can accomplish in future years, if they continue to work hard! Roll tigers! Safe Travels and hope for no injuries for both teams!
  10. I think I am really focusing on height! Lol. Either way go tigers! Tough game next week!
  11. You think so? I was on the field after the game and they seemed very small compared to us!
  12. I probably should’ve stated why in previous comment. But looking through warmups, and just getting a visual of West Carter, they seemed to me very small, slow, and that’s why I made that assumption. BW just looked like men compared to boys. My reason for thinking so.
  13. Expected this score, and honestly surprised it wasn’t worse. Nothing against WC but Beechwood I think was just that much better talent wise. Now we have to really buckle down and focus. It’ll be a crazy upset to beat Mayfield but anything is possible.
  14. I wonder why that is too. Why are teams traveling better to our own home stadium, one of which is filled with winning tradition? You’d think with recent successes Beechwood has had it would be hard to find a place to sit. Just hope it’s an exciting game Friday, and the stands are packed. It makes the game that much more intense!
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