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  1. Solid win by the Tigers. Not much more you could ask for in the first game of the season. Best of luck to both teams!
  2. If true then completely ridiculous, especially with the ability at most fields to watch from down either foul line. Will you get a great view like you would being behind home? No. But at least you’d get to watch some baseball.
  3. I’d have to agree. I see more coming if he stays. I just know know how many more. How many more will he want to see to deem the redo worth it as well? There’s got to be a point where if he stays he says to himself “okay doing all this has paid off.”
  4. So do you think if he stays he lands a laundry list of more offers? I am all for him staying as I am a tiger fan and wish as much success as possible, but am curious your opinion and really everyone else’s on what happens to his future if he chooses to stay?
  5. Yeah I completely understand this take and partially agree with it. But if he wants to try and better his future who is to say it’s a bad idea? Wish the best for whoever decides to go back for another year.
  6. He’s one of the few kids I see that benefit from this happening. Low-Mid D1 kid who could’ve absolutely benefited from summer camps last year and would probably be at a different school in my opinion if he would’ve had his summer to prove himself. The Low-Mid could become a Mid-High if he stays.
  7. August 20th Will be at Louisville Fairdale. September 3rd Will be Home vs. Somerset.
  8. Perfect example. I would love to see the tigers run that power formation they use on short yardage plays, a lot more this year coming up. Fun watching a little smash mouth football when you’re so used to air raiding the whole game. If the roster is as full as I expect it to be, they’ll be able to do this all night long too if they so choose. I’m excited. I want to see the last teams to be put to the schedule and then it’s time to really go to work!
  9. The pipeline is full that’s for sure. The fact that we can sit here and speculate 3-4 names says enough in itself. My one thought about this upcoming offense is you might see Berger move from the slot to the RB position to ensure he touches the ball more. He played RB in the goal line package a couple of times and I would say you might see it a good bit more this coming up season. I don’t think there’s anyone next season that’ll throw the ball around like Hergott. That’s not a knock towards upcoming players, just a realization. You combat that by putting the ball in your playmakers hands anyway you can. I won’t be surprised if Beechwood has 4-5 guys in the backfield that touch the ball this year! Just my thoughts on the upcoming season!
  10. Beechwood is my #1. But with no season to look back on, I’m giving that opinion strictly off of the summer ball I got to watch and the players I was around.
  11. Not to mention he’s coming into a coaching role that only loses 3 starters on his side of the ball. The defense will be the real deal this coming up year under the minds of Rash and Coach W!
  12. I am under the same assumption as well. I believe Rash ran the defense last year. I am assuming he will be taking on a more head coaching role. Weinrich at DC and I think Greg Hergott at OC.
  13. I agree. If they can find a solid QB. This team will be another final 4 caliber team. You bring in BW from highlands, and add to the best coaching staff around. Your only spot to fill is QB and we have zero insight on who has the step ahead as of right now. I’ve heard rumors of people coming back to play now that the spot is open. The cupboard is full in Ft. Mitchell, and I hope Rash and company figure out the million dollar question just fine. But we won’t know until the first game of the season.
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