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  1. Beechwood by as many points as they want. I don’t think they lose another regular season game.
  2. The 2A RPI is just plain bad. Your top three teams should be LCA, Somerset, Beechwood. But being that strength of schedule doesn’t get taken into account it’s very much different than I think it should be.
  3. My only insight on WC is last year against Beechwood. I was curious how’d they would be against solid competition. According to everyone they played Paintsville tough. I hope WC get to play the Tigers again this year in the playoffs. The running back last year was impressive and he’s exciting to watch. Will be fun if we get to see those teams run it back and see the outcome this year!
  4. Tigers just clicking right now. The games earlier against tougher opponents really groom BW well for the 2A teams and I think will pay off greatly come playoff time. Defense is getting much better, and offense is rolling right now. The running game is starting to really open up for the backs as well. If the tigers continue to balance the attack they will be hard to beat!
  5. Glad you said as per normal, these are quite off I’m sure if you ask everyone else.
  6. Is the selection made before state finals game or after? I’d say if the tigers make the finals and depending on how Hergott plays could be a big determining factor. Lots of ifs in there though of course, but that would help his case tremendously.
  7. Don’t think Lloyd has enough to take the tigers down this week. Beechwood’s most competitive district game I think will be Newport this year, but I see no game being closer than 2 TDs. Hergott is on another level right now.
  8. Hergott looked scary good tonight. Has improved every week. BW pulled out a lot of plays I haven’t seen them run this year until tonight. Hope they continue to expand the playbook, because if Hergott plays the way he did tonight, the tigers will be in great shape come playoff time.
  9. If they beat FD, the rest of 2A will be on high alert come playoffs. Big statement game for LCA. Will also help my Tigers determine what the two teams above them look like since we didn’t get to play Somerset this year due to COVID.
  10. Beechwood is actually 2-2. First loss being to Cov Cath, second being to Dixie. Beechwood rolls in this one. I don’t think the tigers lose a game the rest of the regular season.
  11. I was just stating them in comparison to the rest of our schedule. I don’t see any team we play being better than them, so that’s why I’d say their name before anyone else’s.
  12. Hope that’s true! But what about Meade? I see that being our next biggest test.
  13. After Dixie started the game off with a squib kick that was recovered by the colonels, BW looked very much stifled. Playing from behind the whole game I think really hurt the tigers. They haven’t really been in any situations like that this year but hopefully it was a good lesson to be learned. I expect the tigers to bounce back from this one and really roll the rest of the season. Maybe a few hiccups here and there but if Hergott can continue to lead this team like he did last night, then we will be in great shape come playoff time. I still think this is at least a Semi-Finals capable team regardless of this L. Hats off to Dixie, their running game was very good last night and QB throws a good ball. Best of luck to the colonels moving forward!
  14. Beechwood walked away with a win last year, and I think they will do it again this year. I see Hergott and the tigers come out firing on all cylinders as this is another huge test to show they are state championship capable! As long as BW do not try to over extend plays on offense and get in trouble with tackles for losses we will win this one by 8-10!
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