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  1. I don't think it's released, nor do I remember a time when it was, but I would say the majority of the 9th coaches voted for him. IMHO Sam was the best 9th region player throughout the season, but his team making the finals solidified this award. He's a tremendous player and very deserving. Congrats to Sam!
  2. Looked like he scored from the clips I saw. Personally, the fact that the official was in perfect positioning, didn't hesitate or ask for help, but rather hit his whistle and calmly signaled TD is all I can ask for. Coach Scroggins is one of the best coaches in this state and has seen many TD's and GL stands, but from I'm seeing, he was in. Congrats to Belfry on the win.
  3. First, congrats to Ben Nevels and his team on a well earned victory. He is a class act and a great leader. Second, no official cost Scott this game. Scott cost themselves the game. Pick six's, fumbles, fumble for TD, spiking it on fourth down on the 5 yd line, play calling, decision making. Did the inadvertent whistle hurt? Sure. But they lost on their own and cost themselves the opportunity to host two playoff games. Kids will make mistakes, so will officials and coaches. Holmes won, Scott lost. Kudos goes to the Bulldog players and their staff, who do a fantastic job. Best of luck to both teams next week.
  4. Congrats on the dub, Devils! Very happy for this team, their school, as well as their community. Also, kudos to PC on the terrific start to their season. Continued success to both programs.
  5. Congrats to Coach Browning! Great hire for BC.
  6. Just talked to Kevin. At no time did he have interest in the NCC job, interview for the NCC job, nor does he have any intention of leaving BW. Jeff Martin is the new coach at NCC. Shameful rumors only backfire. Congrats to Coach Martin! Best of luck to you!
  7. Congrats to Coach Brown and to Scott High for getting this one right. I hope people don't read some of the inaccurate posts on here and believe them to be true.
  8. Congrats to the Beechwood players and coaches! What a year! Also, congrats to the Highlands players and coaches on a great season, but a fantastic run. Wow! Kevin Gray and Jeremy Biaoni are two of the best in the state and it shows in how their kids perform. Wishing BW luck at the semi-state! Bring it home.
  9. Logan is the best player in the state. It helps that he plays on the best team in the state. It would be a travesty for him to not be named Mr. Baseball!
  10. I believe the nation is broken into regions, then those regions have a committee that reviews candidates for players in those states, sort of like how Little League Baseball has regions made up of several states. If that makes any sort of sense? Don't know how they determine the candidates tough.
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