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  1. I had this exact conversation with someone yesterday. I don't think any RPI system is perfect, but you can't deny the fact that the best two teams per class met in the final this weekend, regardless of their ranking going in. Fantastic games.
  2. Madison Central is playing well. X looks sloppy. Hope the commentary continues. Gonna need this to be 40-40 and go to overtime to continue to hear the commentary.
  3. Update: I'm sure the KHSAA, nor school, will not enjoy their language, but it's making me root along with them so I can hear them keep getting excited.
  4. The people sitting near this camera have absolutely no idea what they're talking about 😂
  5. Terrible news. Prayers to all families and the community. Simply awful.
  6. Such a nice looking field surface, especially this late in the year.
  7. I love the look of Russellville's field surface. Is that Bermuda? Love the black paint too. Very sharp! Good luck to both teams.
  8. Congrats to Coach Smith on this cool opportunity. Wish him luck during this process. LexCath will find the right fit.
  9. I like CovCath in this game. They've found ways to win games by grinding out drives and getting points on offense. To be fair, I have not seen much of Woodford County and know they are very good, but the way CovCath's defense has been playing makes me feel they will come out on top. Regardless, I hope it's a great game and both teams come out healthy.
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