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  1. No dog in the fight, but my two cents - for what that's worth. Stephen Lickert is a fighter. He is also a very smart man. He's spent the majority of his adult life, and coaching career, building to this moment and opportunity. If, as it is assumed, he is no longer a candidate for the Highlands job, I can see why this would be a frustration for him. While I did not deep-dive into his Twitter account, I find it really hard to believe that Ron Dawn would condone any of his coaches taking grievances to social media for any reason. I trust that if there were an issue, it would be handled swiftly and accordingly. That said, I continue to wish the Highlands administration luck in finding their next head coach, whomever it may be. The task of filling this role is much more difficult than some may believe it to be.
  2. That or if Male loses prior to 12/19...
  3. A horrible and sad end for the Brossart players and coaches. I feel awful for the seniors and there truly are no words to say how sorry I am to hear this news. Congrats on a good season, Mustangs.
  4. I would agree with you there. Let's just play the game when we can play it.
  5. Playoffs are a go, unless you opt out like some have. They will have to play on Saturday or forfeit. Hopefully Boyd County agrees to moving the game. I assume with Holmes being the host team, they choose the date/time?
  6. Also, I didn't realize Conner only played 6 games. Seems like this RPI system needs an offseason overhaul. JMO.
  7. I don't know if this could have gotten any closer. Should be a fun rematch. 19 Conner 5A 5 3 - 3 - 3 .51667 .46938 .50350 .49617 20 Highlands 5A 5 4 - 5 - 0 .47778 .49037 .51922 .49462
  8. Congrats to the Holmes Bulldogs on the win and the excellent season! Their defense has been playing very well. Really wishing them luck these next few weeks. A tough couple weeks for NCC.
  9. Congrats to Ryle on the win! Also, congrats to Logan on doing work tonight. Good for him! I can only assume Braydn Lyons was injured? If so, get well young man.
  10. They're currently #3 in the RPI, which isn't bad. I don't believe the playoff bracket is out yet, but I would say they will host round 3 depending on the breakdown. They may have to travel to Scott County in the semi's, but in the era of COVID, is it really a bad thing to drive 50 minutes to play in a near-empty stadium? Then again, until the final matchups are announced, I may be totally wrong on my assumption.
  11. Congrats to LexCath on the win! They play really hard and it was a fun game to watch. Prep Spin does a fantastic job covering events. Top notch. Congrats to CovCath on a marvelous streak. LexCath just made one more play in this one. I think it a credit to the kids/staff when they were down 21-7 late in the third they fought back, made plays, took the lead, lost the lead and then put themselves in position to win the game. After the first two regular season games I didn't know how this season would go for CovCath, but they've continued to get better. Will they win 5A? Who knows, but I'm certain this will motivate them.
  12. My two cents. I believe BW will step down, not be fired. He is not ignorant to what's happening around the program, in the community and through the alumni base. It's sad that we got to this place for someone who's dedicated his life to the school/program. With that said, a change will be good there. I like Chris Wolfe for this job as well. If it's not CW, I don't know if anyone in the state is hired, but here's the rub. I believe Chris and Brian know each other well and would you want to take a job that just ran out your buddy? I may be wrong, but that could factor in his decision to leave Male.
  13. As much as I look at this matchup, I can't help but feel that BW is superior right now and could win this by a wide margin. That being said, it is a rivalry game and stranger things have happened. I do like the front guys on both defense's though. BW will want to make NCC a passing team and I don't think that bodes well for the Breds. On the other side, BW can throw and run well, but which does NCC prefer? Could it be a case that the secondary who plays the best will win? Regardless, I hope everyone leaves the field healthy on Friday and uses the lessons learned from this game to help them pursue a long postseason run.
  14. Congrats to Ryle on this win! 6A needs to be good in NKY and Ryle has continued to get better after that dreadful offseason. Kudos to them. I don't believe SK has given up on the season. They're young, but will still be a tough out here in a few weeks. I think our expectations of high school kids can be unfair. Young players competing in a successful program are still young and will make mistakes, but they'll learn from them.
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