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Duke 87 Florida 84

Randy Parker

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He’s a game changer. These guys are extremely rare. Put him on about any top 25 team and they got a legitimate shot at the title. Think what Florida would be if they had him. Smooth sailing all the way through the Final Four.

Duke would have still been good without him but not national championship good, IMO.

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I think that 2OT game vs. Gonzaga hurt the Gators coming down the stretch in this one, I know they had Saturday off but still rough. Also Florida was without their best big man, with him I think they win this game by 8-10 points.

They did appear to wear down toward the end of the game.

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Duke’s other big freshman, whose name I can’t recall at the moment, lowered a shoulder and knocked down a Gator defender for an easy basket in the crucial last minutes of the game. Although Florida did enough on their own to allow Duke back in the game that particular no call offensive foul was big because of the score and time left in the game, and it was an obvious and easy call to make. Plus it would have been the guy’s 5th foul.

Regardless, Florida had the game won but failed to finish.

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