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Mayfield 28 Williamsburg 27 OT (Class 1A State Championship)


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Mayfield did what great teams do, take advantage of every opportunity you are given. Hats off to their program.


Newfound respect for Williamsburg. They played a better game today but Mayfield did what they had to do to win and the Jackets will live with "what if" for a long time.

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Shocked the heck out of me how this game turned out. I actually love every second of it. I said before I just hope it's competitive and I got that plus more. Hats of to WB. I obviously see there are MF haters waiting to see them fall. But much like most of the season, they fought through adversity and pulled it out. Congrats from your fellow alumni cards.

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Feel so bad for Williamsburg. They were the better team but turnovers and missed opportunities cost them.


Congrats Mayfield.


it is interesting now that for 2 weeks in a row the "better" team lost. Maybe Mayfield should be labeled the most "opportunistic" team which in most cases wins games and championships. Congrats to the Cards team and most of their fans. Job well done and good luck in 2-A.

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