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  1. Ok..I didn't see them. I was just reporting what I was told by someone who did watch the game..well see.
  2. Receivers will be fine I think. We have small, quick finesse receivers and we have big receivers to get that 1st down on 3rd and 6. The backups provide more options for the Offense for the first time in a while. I am however, concerned about Mayfields pass coverage this year at the corners.
  3. Practice started today.....and so it begins.
  4. My experience leads me to see why these places have to cast such a wide net for players..HUGE turnovers due to everything mentioned already. One other. Kids busting their hump and then a failed Div 1 transfer comes in and coaches forget about the ones who have been all in from the start.
  5. Been through it with my son and Ashland is spot on. My son is transferring from a small school to another major state college just to be a student and frat man. He played in front of more people in HS than in college and won state championships in HS. The small college ball lost its luster quickly for him. He was well prepared so # 2 on Ashland's list didn't apply to him. He's transferring a 3.+ GPA and getting a degree he wants instead of settling.
  6. Everyone is invited to my house this weekend for dinner...cost is $850.00..i promise it will be worth it.
  7. This guy is toast at McCracken...stay or go...trust is gone. His time is short.
  8. Word is that baseball has a renewed interest with the kids for next year at Mayfield! Way to go Cards!
  9. Hey I didn't say my opinion was the definitive word.....just my opinion. I'm headed back to the Mayfield thread...too sensitive over here.:idunno:
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