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  1. I'm intrigued. What am I missing here @theguru? Why exactly would you want/need one at the present time?
  2. I stumbled upon Norsemen on Netflix. Think Monty Python in the Viking age. I couldn't stop laughing.
  3. Per KHSAA website Athletic Dead Period Instituted for Athletic Programs in All Sports and Sport-Activities | Kentucky High School Athletic Association It was inevitable this was coming.
  4. You're the man, @nWo. Keep up the great work. We see you.
  5. I saw it on opening night and regardless of what your expectations are for the plot, the cinematography is second to none. The camera angles really give you a first hand idea of the scale of the bunkers, battle grounds, etc. This alone is worth the price of admission.
  6. I'm a Rush guy so Peart will always be #1 to me. Not taking anything away from Bonham, Moon, Rich or Krupa but Neil Peart was fascinating to watch. To me, the things he did defied what was humanly possible..
  7. I was hoping my Browns would lose to the Bengals because it would ensure Kitchens was let go. I went to the week 16 game in Cleveland when they played the Ravens last week. I sat in the Dawg Pound and they were very vocal in the frustrations with Kitchens. I'd say the fans are happy this morning. Skeptical of the future moves that will be made, but happy. I also read that whoever the Browns hire as the next HC, he will possibly have some say in whether or not Dorsey remains. That's very very interesting to me.
  8. I liked the Freddie hire at the time but after seeing too much undisciplined football and looking at where the offense is statistically rated halfway through the year (with the weapons they have) - I'm OK with showing him the door after the season ends.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the Mustangs football program was on life support just a few short years ago. I'd say Coach Wiggins has done a pretty good job of making Brossart football relevant again.
  10. I think those pesky Panthers will make the playoffs this year. They have the firepower up front to score goals and now have a legit net minder in Bob. What's up with Brayden Point? How banged up is he and will he miss much/any time?
  11. I see you @swamprat. Bring on the NHL season and go Jackets and go Bolts
  12. They also beat Louisville Eastern the year after beating Madison Central. I know it's not much but 2 playoff wins sound better than 1. LOL
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