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  1. This is a no win game for either team IMO. If the Camels win, they beat probably the worst Highlands team in a very long time. If the Bluebirds win, they beat the Camels that have been down for many years.....
  2. Also, you can't compare what teams were like in Middle School, to High School?? I have seen teams that were sub par in middle school, flourish in High School and the total opposite. If you have to go back to Middle School days, then it sounds like there has not been much success in High School.
  3. No disrespect, but the talent pool isn't very great on this team. The kids have heart, but just not the horses that can dominate. Coaching staff is doing well with what they have to work with IMO.
  4. Maybe since Pikeville is traveling such a long distance, I may get in..
  5. I haven't been to a game yet this year. Can you purchase tickets or is it parents only?
  6. I agree and disagree. Some of the margins of scores are way too great for 1 player on the team. JMO
  7. What is going on with the Lady Eagles?? They have had a really good program in the past. I don't know much about the new head coach, but I am very much leaning towards that as the problem...
  8. With 6 Juniors, I wouldn't call that a really young team?
  9. I think the Lady Eagles have been overwhelmed all year!
  10. I totally disagree... Newport is a better team than Campbell County. I say NCC wins this one, but if they play like they did against Campbell, they will lose. They didn't have that good of a game against Campbell IMO.
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