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  1. Graves might be in trouble, heard Mathis is out for the rest of the season.
  2. So is this the year Graves beats the cross town rivals? Or will Mayfield make it 8 in a row? If I have the correct figures, Mayfield leads the series 18-5 and has out scored Graves 600-279 or 26ppg to 12ppg
  3. I went and put who I thought was the best player from each team. McCracken County Walters Paducah Tilghman Travis Crouch Carlisle County Weatherspoon Graves County Naranjo or Gough Ballard Memorial Wildharbor Mayfield Kennemore St. Mary McCauley Calloway County Pigg Murray Foster or Nelson Marshall County Clark What do you think?
  4. The coach knew he was breaking the rules... It isn't the players fault so you hate to see them pay for the coach but the coach should be fired.
  5. check out @chrisjungKNE twitter feed he has all the details there. Chris Jung (@ChrisJungKNE) | Twitter
  6. That's a good list but with Walters playing on the best team, he will probably win it. Wildharber and Kennemore both played for bad teams so I think that hurts them. No one from the 1st or 3rd district will have a chance to win it. All of the teams aren't very good.
  7. This happened in the district tournament between UHA and Hoptown. UHA broke the rule but was still allowed to get the victory ending Hoptown's season.
  8. So everyone seems to be on the same page as I am, not a true front runner. I guess you could take the best player from every team and put them all in a hat and draw out the winner.
  9. I have watched several games in the 1st region this year. There is some good players out there but not sure who the dominant seniors would be. I would say the talent overall in the region is down. Do you go with a senior from McCracken just because they are the best team or do you go with the best player? Who wins 1st Region POY? or what is the short list of potentials?
  10. Yeah and losing to Mayfield can't help at all for Brown.
  11. I would have figured it was McGee hands down???? #1 player in the state
  12. Not only are the post down for baseball in here. I live in the 1st region and other than McCracken County the whole region is down. Not much good baseball being played here. A few good arms scattered around and a couple good hitters but the lack of baseball talent is sad. At most games you see more errors than quality hits.
  13. Graves did get a tougher draw but being on the opposite side from Murray and Tilghman for sure helps them.
  14. 3. Graves (3-2) Graves is beating who they are supposed to beat and playing close games but losing to better teams. If they can continue to keep games close against better talented teams, they can pull and upset in region, especially if they continue to improve. They need Vogt to do more than 14.8 ppg & 7.6 rpg. Vogt is going to get his points and rebounds, they need some others to pick it up.
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