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  1. Congrats to SK on the comeback. Two different halves by both teams. I know it is the first game but I could not believe the lack of discipline through out the entire game by the Colonels. Personal fouls, blocks in the back and I could not even count the number of false starts. I lost track. They constantly negated big plays and field position because of this. I thought this culture was gone. Apparently not. And why was Brach Rice not a bigger part of the offense that struggled most of the night? He hardly touched the ball. The players and staff have a busy week of practice ahead of them. Lou Holtz said that teams should show the biggest improvement between games 1 and 2. We shall see.
  2. Not sure about this roster. No Brach Rice and they list Dave Broussart as the head coach.
  3. I’ve the winds are just right you might get a glimpse.
  4. So, I am assuming we need to look in the direction of the Saddle Club soon for the white plume of smoke. Let’s hope it does not get confused with the pizza oven exhaust from next door.
  5. What exactly is being done to the BW stadium? Hard to tell so far with just a foundation in place.
  6. The tower looks very papal. We should go with that one unless the Saddle Club and provide the better plume of smoke.
  7. Question. Is there a chimney tall enough for all of Fort Mitchell to see the white smoke when a decision comes down?
  8. Please explain why they would be clear cut.
  9. I know he is not a teacher but has asst. coaching experience and is a Beechwood legend. Would Brandon Berger be a potential candidate?
  10. Beechwood and many smaller schools have this same set-up. What I find odd is Dixie Heights. Large school. Spacious layout and nice entry plaza. There is a visitors side but very few people sit there. The majority of the fans sit on each end of the large grandstand on the press box side. Opposing fans are constantly walking through the student section and the Dixie fanbase to get to the other end. Yes, on occasion, there is a lot of chirping and trash talk.
  11. Are these team issued haircuts? Congrats on the win!
  12. It appears that SK reloads the size cabinet every year. Does not always result in wins but I am sure it is taken into consideration by opponents as they prepare their game plan.
  13. I believe that would be, “Born on 3rd base thinking you hit a triple”, but your message definitely resonates.
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