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  1. I appreciate your allegiance to the Wood but you would have to hear what every BW person had to say to quantify whether it was made up or not. Like a previous poster, I feel that that the arrogance at this school is growing in momentum and not just in athletics.
  2. Congrats to the St. Henry girls for winning the All "A" championship yesterday. Job well done Cru.
  3. I do not see a let down after the Beechwood game. They came in and took care of business without having to go through an emotional win. They were in control from the opening kick-off.
  4. Point well taken. Ok, maybe some can call it a quasi-butt kicking. I will stick with a solid victory.
  5. Put it in perspective. A 1A school defeated a 5A school on the 5A school's home field. Some would call it a butt kicking but a solid victory is more apt.
  6. Disappointing last year, yes. Terrible....now that is a stretch. They were not terrible last week and even your predicted score against Georgia is not terrible.
  7. Great post. Should be a great game. That got me to thinking. If both Beechwood and Cov Cath retain their #1 rankings after their next games it will be #1 in 1A vs. #1 in 5 A the following week. It would be a stretch to find that scenario (#1s playing each other 2 weeks in a row) played out in the past.
  8. If I had to play on a grass field then Somerset would be on my short list. When I went to game there a couple of years ago I was upset I did not have my putter with me. It's that nice. I think they go to great lengths to maintain that field so if the drainage can take away the rain at nearly the same pace it comes down then it should be fine. There is something though bout taking a shower with your muddy uniform still on.
  9. Even if you were #5 in 2A, would you not be a State Championship contender?
  10. What sticks out to me is that a 1A school has 3 of the top 14 teams on their schedule in the coming weeks. Wow. If you make it through that gauntlet, just healthy, then you are well prepared for another deep run in November.
  11. That was a tough loss, especially with probably the best player on either side, Max Nussbaum, still sidelined with an injury.
  12. I totally agree with you on old records. Rankings are for website fodder. When some of these teams play each other the debate will take care itself. I was trying to have a little fun by poking the bear.
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