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  1. If it was a head coach he is only one year removed from a 3 year stint at Newport. 2A and 3A experience but 6A experience as an assistant previously.
  2. 4 perfect ACTs at Dixie a year ago. That, is a pretty high standard.
  3. I do not know much about him so I was trying to gain perspective as the search for a new coach begins. So, is the thread better?
  4. Out of curiosity, why do you think the TF coach is not ready for the jump to Dixie?
  5. So, the good residents of Fort Mitchell are not considered "The Public"? Hate to be a census taker in that community.
  6. Is the Beechwood/LCA game televised or being streamed? My buddy in Michigan is trying to find a source. Thanks.
  7. The dude was definitely trolling. 1A? Heck you guys would have a shot some years in 3A or 4A. Great program and we need fierce rivalries in this environment of lopsided blowouts throughout the state in deep rounds of the playoffs.
  8. Responding to Hector's comment about "not being there before" which was in response to my post.
  9. True.....I thought the same thing after I posted.
  10. Not cool. Mayfield has dished out plenty over the years because they owned Beechwood and frankly, still do. Act like you have been there before.
  11. Relax, TP. BW has taken plenty of shots from Mayfield over the years.
  12. The first few rounds of the playoffs are a full spectrum of teams trying to figure out how to score a point against teams that are concerned about scoring too many. Nothing about that says "competitive".
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