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  1. Less inclusive? How so? Every kid in Boone Cty MS has a team to play for, just like in Kenton or Campbell. And hard to call a team a feeder when there is open enrollment in Kenton Co. How can they know where they’re going to HS? I understand the occasional Cov or Beechwood departure, but Kenton County is the Wild Wild West. Kids can go anywhere.
  2. Union Raiders has always been all Ryle kids from the start. Not sure where you’re getting your information. And it is hypocritical to allow Cov/Newcath IN the league, but won’t even allow a coach from Kenton Co to play a BC school. Sorry, but the explanation of “designated schools” sounds silly. What’s the difference between that and what the Boone teams are doing?? Valid point regarding basketball, but again, Union Raiders was formed to develop players that would ultimately be at Ryle. That’s the main goal. That cannot be done in the NKMSAA. That’s not being rigid, that’s sticking w
  3. The primary issue seems to be the difference between how Boone Cty Middle schools are districted vs neighboring counties. That seems to really bother some folks in Kenton County. To say that the Boone teams are pulling kids from “all over Boone County” is inaccurate. They are playing kids that are districted to go to Ryle/Boone County/Cooper/or Conner. There are geographical boundaries (unlike the private schools that are already in the NKMSAA). Seems hypocritical if you ask me. The concept of including ALL the MS kids that will attend one HS to form a team isn’t a new one. In short, that
  4. I don’t recall anyone accusing them of being scared. I was addressing the absurd rule. I wasn’t aware it was only Kenton County. Regardless, that’s still impacts a good % of the overall teams in the league. My question is, what is the difference between Cov Cath/New Cath teams and Conner? I assume Woodland can play Cov and New Cath, correct? Don’t those 2 teams pull from multiple schools? Not sure when/where/why the rule was created, but wish it would be removed. We shouldn’t have rules restricting games. We had to deal with similar rules in the NKYFL. Dumb.
  5. Union Raiders 8th played Withrow tonight to a 20-20 tie at Withrow. Definitely the best MS football game I’ve ever watched. We had our chances to win in the end, but a tie felt right. Both teams battled to the end. Really cool seeing our kids squared up with Chris Henry’s kids all while Adam Jones coaching from their sidelines. Our kids all got pics w/ him afterwards. First time at Withrow. What an incredible venue.
  6. We’ve never played more than 1 game during a week. If you want to play better teams, sometimes you have to travel. Our kids love it. Only the Pulaski game was more than an hour drive. I’d rather spend an extra couple hours driving to good comp than play a lopsided game close.
  7. I certainly didn’t imply they were scared to play, but we offered a scrimmage during the week or weekend for a 2 week stretch and was told no. Wasn’t really given a reason. We tried to play the James St James as well, and it didn’t work out. I believe they said they can only play 1 game per week, so maybe that’s why Cov couldn’t. Not sure.
  8. I was told this year by a coach who’s been in the NKMSAA for a very long time that no Kenton Co team can play us. I still have the text. Maybe he’s wrong, but I assure you he was very certain they can’t. We like having the flexibility to play any team in the state and across the river. This year we’ll play Elkhorn, Scott County, North Pulaski, East Central, and Withrow to go along w/ our Norseman schedule. Hard to do that when you’re boxed into a league w/ so many teams. Again, I’m not saying one is better or worse. I’d argue the competition level is traditionally better throughout t
  9. And we asked CovCath, they refused. We opted to play Withrow instead.
  10. Union Raiders MS has a great schedule. We don’t NEED to play any team from the NKMSAA either. I just think it’s silly that most from the league won’t even scrimmage us. I was told by a coach that no teams from Kenton County can play us because we’re perceived as a “select” team, which isn’t accurate. And I agree that the NKYFL isn’t apples to apples, but it isn’t too far off. It’s NKY football teams playing one another. Restricting teams from doing so is absurd. Can’t be afraid to play different competition, regardless how good they are or where they pull the kids from.
  11. I believe most MS teams start as a feeder program to a HS. As mentioned, Boone Cty Middle Schools have some overlapping boundaries. For instance, Ockerman feeds Boone Cty, Cooper, and Ryle. I think it’s a little silly, but explainable. What isn’t explainable is why teams from NKMSFL refuse to play Union Raiders at the MS level when they’ve been playing them for years in the NKYFL and will again in HS.
  12. Great win for Ryle. Score could/should have been worse. They dominated the trenches.
  13. Yes, 3 ended up at Beechwood, though. Ryle also have multiple 5th year Frosh who only play on JV and Varsity with a few key injuries. Could have helped them last night vs a quality Beechwood team.
  14. Ugh. Union Raiders 7th and 8th grade is now looking for a game this Saturday the 18th. We have the field in the evening. We’re open to any scrimmage format, just trying to get a game after another team cancelled on us.
  15. Union Raiders 8th beat Boone Cty 56-0 Union Raiders 7th beat Boone Cty 40-6 I’m looking for scrimmages for the Union Raiders backup 8th grade team. Mostly 1st year players. Ideally NKY area. Please PM me if interested. Union Raiders 8th grade team has an opening the week of Oct 7th. Looking for a top-tier team to play. Will travel. Please PM me if interested.
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