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  1. Not sure what happened w/ the schedule, but it seemed to work out. I thought Ockerman did a great job hosting the event. Refs were good. Ceremony after each game was a nice touch. Thanks to all that volunteered to pull it off!
  2. Gray 6th over Highlands by 19. Finished 27-0 in NKY this season.
  3. Saturday 2/8/20 @ Ockerman 7th grade girls = 9:00 6th grade girls = 10:45 6th grade boys = 12:30 7th grade boys = 2:15 8th grade girls = 4:00 Monday 2/10/20 @ Ockerman 8th grade boys = 7:30 This has changed multiple times, but this is the schedule as of this morning.
  4. 6th Grade Boys Highlands won in OT over Ockerman Gray beat Conner by 15+ No dog in the fight, but there were some very questionable calls in the Highlands/Ockerman game that contributed to the final result. Hate to see a team lose like that. Kudos to the Highlands player that knocked down 3 free throws w/ no time left to put the game in OT. That was clutch.
  5. 6th Grade @ Highlands: Thursday Ockerman vs Highlands 5:30 Conner vs Gray 7:00
  6. IMH at Gray 6th Gray by 20 7th Gray by 20 8th IHM by 2 in (OT)
  7. St Pius at Gray 6th Gray won big 7th Gray won a close one 8th St Pius won big
  8. Both of Gray’s 6th grade teams went undefeated. They beat Ballyshannon, Summit View, Highlands, Campbell County by double digits.
  9. Unfortunately for Ryle, the current JR class was a sub 500 team that didn’t win a game as 8th graders, so you are incorrect. The current senior class was a very good middle school/Frosh team, but there are a lot of reasons they didn’t develop. Most of which has less to do with coaching and more to do with the kids unwillingness to outwork their competition.
  10. I don’t believe there is a NKY Frosh championship format, but I could be wrong. Ryle beat everyone in NKY on their schedule and I believe Cov has multiple losses, so the “NKY Championship” is implied. As someone has pointed out, Beechwood is also undefeated. If they beat Highlands, then they should find a way to play and settle things. I guess we’ll know more after this week’s game. On a side note, Beechwood’s youth team tried to settle a NKYFL championship with a coin flip over Ryle’s youth team. When they finally played, it was a running clock before half in Ryle’s favor; hence, my coin flip joke.
  11. It seemed to worked out ok this year, although I'd rather only have 1 division. I suspect a lot of changes will be coming in the off season.
  12. Newport and Ludlow JR are in a dogfight. 0-0 late in the 3rd.
  13. UR Juniors won 32-6 That was their 4th undefeated Super Bowl season. Bandits Junior Youth won 30-12. They dominated the trenches. Some really big kids on that team.
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