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  1. There is too much common sense in this statement...it doesn't belong here.
  2. Whatever was the tipping point, I think it's only logical to assume it happened after he accepted the job. I guess it's good for the Patriots that Bill Belichick doesn't share the same decision making process as the Deuce.
  3. Ha, not sure how to respond to that. So if it's the son "yes" but daughter "no"? OK, I'll try again. Say an approved family member got cold feet AFTER he accepted the job. What do you propose he do?
  4. What if it was something as simple as a family member not wanting to move? Would that be an acceptable reason for you?
  5. Again, you stated it doesn’t happen in coaching and I was just letting you know it does happen in coaching and apparently a lot more than you and many others were aware. If the GOAT of NFL coaches can do it twice and everything turned out OK, I think KY football and the teams involved will be fine. As far as the backlash, that’s my gripe. No need for backlash. Let the man make his decisions for him and his family without the peanut gallery.
  6. You stated it does not happen in coaching. I just pointed out that not only does it happen, but Bill Belichick has done it...twice. What’s bush league is the reaction to it. It’s a way worse look for the people who criticize a great young coach who had a change of heart.
  7. Yes it does. He’s in good company, Bill Belichick. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22351196/a-brief-history-head-coaches-backed-new-gigs-sports Again, I didn’t specify coaching. Not sure why that is so different. People change their mind on jobs everyday.
  8. The fact that it was less than 48 hours is a blessing to all parties. Highlands faithful should be grateful. Also, I didn’t state this exact situation happens all the time. Nice try. But people having a change of heart after accepting a job happens countless time daily. People need to get a grip.
  9. Again, these situations happen all the time. Not sure why people are so judgmental towards his decision. So many legitimate reasons to have a change of heart. On a different note, it seems like he may have unintentionally played his cards right. Getting more money and extra support with a lightened work load? I say good for him and his family.
  10. Lol, CEO? No offense, but we are still talking about a High School football coaching job, correct? Highlands will be fine. No need to over react and be overly critical of the man.
  11. Not uncommon for people to accept a job and have a change of heart. Happens everyday.
  12. I’m not picking sides here, which apparently many like to do on here. I think it’s great we have both options, but am opposed to having public and private schools in the same divisions for a state championship. I believe it used to be split before and winners played each other in the 80’s. Could be wrong on that, but regardless, that seems like a much better format.
  13. I wasn’t in any way attacking Trinity, not sure why you feel it’s necessary to thrown stones at NKY. Not only is it an ignorant statement, but completely off topic. It’s great we have options with both public and private. This is probably one of the best Trinity teams of all time, which is saying a lot. It’s not their fault they’re that much better than everyone. Their kids and coaches certainly deserve credit for assembling and developing a phenomenal team, all while playing within the rules. But it’s absurd to deny the advantages private schools have. This isn’t a new topic (as many have pointed out) nor is it an unpopular opinion. Hard to say the system is fair when you’re playing with a different set of rules.
  14. Just another reminder of how silly it is to group public and private schools together, in my opinion.
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