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  1. Well now is Barrett's chance to step up. Let's see what happens.
  2. Thank god for the OSU Indiana game. I didn't watch but first 5 mins of this game so I have no idea how anyone played. I did hear our 1st rounder is hurt...again. How many 1st and 2nd rounders over the past 10'years have been hurt?
  3. Just proved my point. Coaches had them 3 but no one else who saw them woukd have them 3. Like I said they are 5 on my list. I have CCH Beechwood SK and Ryle all above them.
  4. I've seen them play and they shouldn't be #3. Maybe 5 going into the SC game but no way 3
  5. Sounded like no flags were thrown until the end of the game.
  6. Coaches poll had them #3 but wonder how many voted. No way anyone else would put them ahead of SK. Even Ryle should be ahead of them in NKY. I put HHS maybe 5th or 6th at best.
  7. I think NKY has 2 respectable teams which could play in title games this year which isn't bad. They have Beechwood and Cov Cath. Usually only have a couple so I don't think it's that much different than other years except that some teams that can usually make it a couple rounds in post season may not be able to this year.
  8. It's getting close to panic time for Urban
  9. If my boy drops one like that Saturday he best find a seat on the bench.
  10. They also need receivers that can get separation. JT waits too long for something to develop imo.
  11. I liked Coach Collins and got Ali g with him great...however with that said,I don't think he said more than 2 words to any parent while our boy played for him his senior year (Which was Collins 1st year there). He just wasn't one who communicated with parents at all. It wasn't until the year after my boy graduated that he actually would talk to us. He just isn't one who likes to communicate with parents at all. I don't remember any parent saying anything to him negatively at all that year. He just wasn't a communicator is all. It was the same in years after with players parents. They always said he never talked to them at all. Just think it was his personality is all. I wish him the best. I always liked him.
  12. I tried to say that after the Cooper game. Actually I called it at halftime of the Cooper game. 2 down teams and whoever won not to take too much out of it. You could see in the 1st half of the 1st game that both teams struggled. They just need to keep trying to get better. They are young and should get better.
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