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6 Classes?


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Bad idea...


The problem is some schools can play ineligible players forefit the regular season and playoffs but still win a State Championship and then there are the Privates???


The KHSAA needs to get a set of kaonas and live by them. Until then you can do just about anything if the hearings take longer than the season......Now that's a JOKE!

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Why stop at six, why not ten so we can have more people able to say they were champions?


A few positives:


1. More competitive.

2. Two more titles. which mean more money

3. Smaller districts, which result in better regular season games out of district. Which means more gate money for schools.

4. More schools (mostly class A, and AA will start football programs)

5. Opportunities for more teams to make playoffs, gives opport. for athletes to be seen. (College coaches hit the road during the playoffs.)

6. Opportunities for good assistants to have opportunities for jobs.

7. More communities thinking football.


Just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

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