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  1. "...eventually running the score out to 4-2, Mom Killers." hahahaha
  2. I've been convinced for years that he has naked pics of someone. Unbearable.
  3. I don't get it. He sounds like a kindergarten teacher.
  4. I have the same concerns you do, but not in this situation. I'll dry sponge them.
  5. They didn't have enough room on the tag to include, "...after she cooks dinner."
  6. If they are a varsity head coach and have been for years, they should resign when their kids get to varsity?
  7. If he's not ready because he's hurt, it's a concern. If he's not ready because he lost months of swings because you can't swing while rehabbing a knee, it's not a concern.
  8. Onceuponatime...you were allowed to post. Anyway, this is absurd. You want coaches to step down when their kids get to varsity? I'll wait...
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