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  1. He is a specimen! I don't see any reason why he would not start as a sophomore.
  2. D1 caliber, maybe, recruited and D1 signed much more difficult. I'm sure Joe Walter's kid at Cov Cath be be heavily recruited. Perhaps as heavily as Drake Jackson. Can't think of anybody else off hands.
  3. Spoken like someone who has an interest in this issue not being explored.
  4. Your answer depends upon who is coaching, what their qualifications are, and what their agenda is.
  5. I think it can work if the player involved is so obviously talented , that there is no conflict by that player chosen as a starter. If that is not the case, it can ruin not just a season, it can ruin a program. Any agenda that conflicts with awarding positions on a competitive basis creates problems. Parent coaches are often there to facilitate the scholarship aspirations of their athlete. It is a powerful driver and is can be in conflict with team success.
  6. Does a quality coach bench their own child who has scholarship aspirations, over a higher performing player?
  7. The "coach" overreacts to what they perceive as criticism. A critique of an athletic performance is not a critique of the individual. Parents who are also coaches cannot separate the two. If you cannot professionally deal with criticism, then you do belong in coaching.
  8. Expressing disappointment in an athletic performance is HARDLY attacking anyone. If we were talking about a football player here, we would not be here, When you have so many coaches that coach their own children, especially females, they reject anything critical and toss each other softballs in online forums. Yet, they would have no problem, and have in the past dispense much harsher criticism to male players and athletic programs. If I had truly attacked an athlete on here, I assure you I would not still be posting!
  9. I say there is an inherent conflict of interest between those who coach their kids at the varsity level. I personally noticed these issues evolve in two NKy football programs where perception was that positions were now awarded based on merit and it destroyed bot programs from within. I don't believe these coaches can separate both interest and emotion that comes with coaching your own child. Particularly noticeable when processing performance criticism when it happens to be directed at their own child.
  10. And what kind of criticism do think a division one athlete gets? I'll tell you. A lot more profound, a lot more biting and at times, flat out cruel. Certainly way more profound than someone expressing "disappointment" in an individual performance.
  11. Big game experience was the difference in this one as Trimble just made too many mistakes in the last few minutes.
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