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  1. I hope it hits this year and Duke loses all their recruits.
  2. One picture of her. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MVt0x1mahH4/maxresdefault.jpg
  3. Pretty sad anyone can be treated this bad when old. How does people laugh at old people that are dying. SAD WORLD. WWII veteran calls for help and dies as nurses laugh, video shows | Fox News
  4. I would think that playing Powell Co, Bell Co, Jackson Co, McCreary Central, and Knott Co would prepare Corbin for the speed Central has. I guess some Corbin fans see this as another cupcake game since Belfry was way overrated and Corbin beat Central last year and nothing has changed but the coach at Central.
  5. Good list and pretty accurate. Better add play great special teams.
  6. Heard it may be over and kids can go to NBA out of HS . Any clue when that may become in effect? It will change recruiting.
  7. I guess, but I meant they can make players stand for Anthem or fine the heck out of them until they do have respect. As of Judge and Jury, I was referring to Ezikel Elliot case.
  8. Was only 5'2. Who follows a 5'2 guy for a cult, weeble wobbles?
  9. I have read about boys being sexually done by GUYS. But I havent read where any women have forced men or boys to have sex for jobs, etc.
  10. The owners refuse to make players stand for National Anthem is killing the profits. They let a commissioner be judge and jury and go against an actual law.
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