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  1. The point of loan is to cover those expenses even if the doors are closed.
  2. As long as they maintain work staff the part of loans used for payroll and overhead will be forgiven.
  3. I agree it's concerning and the numbers are historic. But at the same time these numbers had been anticipated prior to release. We basically shutdown the nations service industry. These are uncharted waters and I don't think anyone 100% has the answer, there just isn't a precedent to build off. But we need to focus on maintaining payroll and production lines. There will be a period of adjustment and rebound , but if we can maintain those key components we can get to a place of normal that will allow us to build off historical data.
  4. Again to be fair as long as small business owners are taking advantage and this shutdown doesn't last to much longer, the small business loan program should sustain most. I do disagree with PP92 downplaying the effects of our long term economy. While we need to greatly have concern about our physical health, our mental and financial health need to be major factors as well.
  5. The 30% UE numbers in my opinion comes from some faulty data , even if some of the economist are people I respect . I just disagree on the interpretation. The key factor will surround the Small Business loan program and owner's understanding of the program. Most small businesses should survive as long as they are savvy and act promptly.
  6. I don't understand the economic sense of taxing your way out of a recession when you are trying to create jobs in the private sector.
  7. This is an issue. If someone does not have a bank account for direct deposit in Ohio right now , waiting on that card is a huge problem . I think the people making more money on UE are employees at bars/restaurants, not counting those bartenders at very successful bars. But that won't even be the case until the $600 kicks in.
  8. The problem right now is the models are all over the place and no consistency. We will be back to at the very least a South Korea model sooner rather than later. I do believe there is a middle ground on this decision making. Health professionals can't be the only people who decide because they will look for sum zero, it can't be a 100% economic advisors because their focus will be on profit. There is a healthy blend of both pieces of information to reach the equilibrium. I'm not one of the people down playing the risk but we already weigh the risk of 100's of things in our daily lives , and this pandemic will be no different. We have to gather the appropriate data and take the proper precautions but no functioning economy can sustain with a self enforced recession for long periods of time. There will be risk and some of them will be close to home for a lot of us but a time is coming soon where we will have to be back to a more normal outlook in our daily behavior.
  9. I was saying it in jest as a Notre Dame fan.
  10. I think Helton should stay for another 20 years.
  11. I feel like that has been always known? Why else would they switch the time of year for the home and home? What other rivalry does that ?
  12. The contract reads that way because USC refuses to play the last game of the year in South Bend. USC won't play in South Bend past Mid October. You are a USC fan if you say it's a smart move fine. But the fact is they won't play in South Bend when there is a greater chance of snow.
  13. I get this mindset. But bowl games for the most part are a reward for players and I'm sure even players on the Northern team like the chance at a warm weather game this time of year. Also warm weather attracts more fans to travel. Now I'm much more on your side of the argument during the regular season when warm weather teams refuse to schedule games on the road during cold weather season. Perfect example USC vs Notre Dame.
  14. Mutual combat no harm no foul. I mean are some of you acting like this was a unique circumstance ? Tech had a gameplan to get in Bowden's head and it back fired.
  15. To be fair if he doesn't get the injury in the playoffs they make a run. That Bengals team was better than the Steelers who won the Super Bowl.
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