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  1. Hey, what can I say...Nothing better than a new flavor of Kool Aid to rave about.
  2. David Williams along with his wife and daughter joined Richie Farmer at the Appalachian Bowl last night. It was the first time I was ever around Williams and I must say that he and his family were nothing other than friendly, fun and charismatic. The thousands in attendance seemed to enjoy their company.
  3. Well said. :thumb: Keep in mind that Williams MAY not be the "partisan hack" you say he is now as governor. I'm certain he doesn't want to become Governor for the opportunity to erode our commonwealth's signature industry. Who knows, he might want the credit for getting it. I'm willing to give Williams/Farmer a shot at it. The current admin has been about as useless as teats on a boar hog.
  4. Clay let turnovers and penalties keep them in a hole for most of the game. Clay was down 28-7 at the half and received the kickoff to begin the third only to fumble deep on their first couple of plays. Middlesboro quickly scores again to go up 35-7. Clay comes back to tie it at 35 after Tanner Gilbert rallied the defense to hold the Jackets at bay while CJ Miller, John Wilson, Noah Reid and the offense decided they didn't want to lose this game. After a big play (screen pass) the Jackets score yet again to go up 42-35 with little time left (can't remember the time). Clay gets it back but has to punt with around 4 minutes to go. Clay's defense holds and they get the ball back with somewhere around 2 minutes to go. With third or fourth and long to go and about 40 seconds left, Wilson hooks up with Noah Reid for about a 65 yard touchdown 42-41. Clay goes for two...Wilson rolls out and connects with JV Hooker to take the lead 43-42. The jackets have a few tries but comes up short in one of the biggest comebacks and most exiting games I have ever witnessed. A one word description of the game would simply be...WOW! The Appalachian Bowl was THE best bowl in the state without a doubt. Johnson Central and Knox Central went to overtime in the first game with JC winning after Knox failed on their two point conversion in OT.
  5. Is expanded gambling, or lack there of that has kentucky held back? I haven't bought in to the fact that it's THE answer yet. I don't oppose it though. The state of kentucky has had some pretty good times without it. I can't say that Williams is the only reason we don't have expanded gambling.
  6. Then you ought to be facinated with the Obama and his following.
  7. No reason for me to take offense. I have never thought of Bush as a conservative.
  8. A "conservative" is both. Bush was not a conservative.
  9. Yes I did, but I still feel the same. If it is as you say "The GOP lackeys are spineless" and "are afraid to challenge him", then I see it as the GOP that is causing all the suffering, not Williams. So all Williams had to do was instruct the GOP to go along with everything, even though their constituants might not agree, and everything would be booming in Kentucky and the suffering would stop?
  10. Bush and the rest of his bunch cannot be labeled as conservatives. I can't think of anyone that has ever called W a conservative.
  11. None of the "suffering" rests upon anyone other than Williams? Didn't know he had that much control Jim.
  12. After a dismal start last week, it looks like the staff at Clay did a great job getting back on track. Good Job Tigers! :thumb: Big win, keep it rolling.
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