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  1. That’s what I’m working towards……
  2. You’re right. I need to quit posting while trying to work. Lol
  3. 10-34 (2014-2017)- Leffew 21-23 (2018-2021)- Crutchfield Since a 6-5 record in 2000, Lincoln County has had four winning seasons in the past 21 years: 2006 (10-2) Larry French 2007 (11-3) Larry French 2018 (7-5) Spencer Crutchfield 2020 (5-4) Spencer Crutchfield
  4. You are 100% correct. The feeder system has been the #1 issue for a long time, at least since the middle school opened in 1994. We thought the middle school would be a benefit, but it ended up being a liability and funneled the kids into one team too soon. When I played youth football, there were 5 teams through the 8th grade. We started freshman football with 30 well-coached players. The middle school has had the effect of weeding out players before they have fully developed, and they move on to some other activity. Football is a numbers game and it has hurt the numbers. I
  5. Times have changed, and I get that, but thinking that kids would move to a different community and change schools over a coach they don’t know or haven’t met, is foreign to me. The boys I played with, played because (1) we loved the game, (2) we loved our school, and (3) we loved our community. We just so happened to love and respect our coach, but we would have worn the Lincoln uniform and played even if Pee Wee Herman was the coach. It’s a free country and you are free to move wherever you want and send to your kids to whatever school will accept them. I never begrudge anyone
  6. Maybe they are “waiting” for a good reason.
  7. I’ll be your agent. How many hoodies do you want, and will you need a laundry service with that?
  8. All true. Levi is a Patriot through and through, and is a hometown hero of Lincoln football.
  9. Feel free to post their resumes. That’s all I have, as neither has been a head coach, played in a state title game, coached in one, or been a Mr. Football finalist. I have tracked Josh’s career, for my historical records, as the son of a former LC head coach. Everything in the “resume” I posted came from media reports or other public information through the years. I like both Rogers and Cooper, and have known their families a long time. There was no intent to slight either one.
  10. The names most mentioned here all are “Lincoln County guys.” Levi Rogers is a 2008 LCHS grad, and was the career passing yardage leader until surpassed by Bryson Yaden, and that was on a team that Levi was the assistant coach. He played at Lincoln for Larry French, and coached at Lincoln with Leffew and Crutchfield, and his father played at Lincoln in the late 70s and early 80s. Daniel Cooper is also a former player and is a current teacher in the system, having graduated LCHS in 2016. He played for both Settles and Leffew, his father played for Wooldridge, and his grandfather p
  11. It’s Day-1 of the process. I don’t know of anyone who has said Levi Rogers wouldn’t be considered, offered, or even hired. I’ve only seen the mark-my-words consequences of him not being hired that have been posted here. Levi is a hometown hero, leading the Patriots to the 5A semifinals in 2007. His contributions are well-known and appreciated, both as a player and coach. Unfortunately, the district has experience at hiring a football coach, having hired five over the past twenty years, and will follow their process. I personally think they did a good job of vetting and hiring ea
  12. Agreed. The school has to share its top athletes. This past year’s football team looks very different with a couple of basketball-only kids whose dads and uncles were big-time contributors to past football success. Some of Coach Jackson’s best teams were led by basketball/football players. People like Ryan Young, Braxston Miller, and Trent Calhoun.
  13. You can’t make kids play football who want to be the next NBA star. One of the current basketball stars was a man-child on the 8th grade basketball team. I saw his daddy, who I played with through youth football and high school, and this conversation took place: Me: Your boy would look good in a football uniform. Him: He don’t wanna play, and he doesn’t like contact or the effort football takes. I have heard the allegations about certain players being told that that they couldn’t play both football and basketball, and have never been able to confirm it. If anyone reading this
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