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  1. They should let any student who would otherwise graduate, to repeat this school year without regard to age rules, if they so desire. The reason for it is as much academic as athletic, but I am a proponent of letting this be a redshirt season for whoever wants it. If you want to move on, move on. If you want to come back, come back.
  2. I have heard French. Puts him back in a District with Lincoln County, where he was head coach 2003-2007 and makes it trade as Boyle gets Corbin’s most recent coach and Corbin gets a former Boyle Coach.
  3. Hey, now. Coach Hester is NOT old. He is the same age as me.
  4. My records show: Chuck Smith 212-44 (82.81%) in 19 total seasons 1st Stint 1992-2004 (13 seasons)he was 143-32. 5 straight state titles 1999-03, runnerup 04 2nd Stint 2014-2019 (6 seasons) he was 69-12. 1 state title 2017, runnerup 2019. In his 9 season absence, Chris Pardue led the Rebels for three seasons and Larry French for six: Chris Pardue 22-15 (59.46%), no titles. Larry French 71-11 (86.59%), 2 titles.
  5. I like Bell High but that wouldn’t even be a lateral move. What would be the reason?
  6. Not that it matters but 2007 was the first year of the expanded 6 classes.
  7. Actually, a statistical turnover occurs during the play. A turnover on downs is really a loss of downs.
  8. Maybe the comedy missed its mark. Boyle County has its own share of “hollers”, unless they want to cede the Parksville/Mitchellsburg area to Lincoln County.
  9. I watched Gaither host Armswood several weeks back. I came away impressed by Armswood. I see they both lost.
  10. I had it in my mind that he had been head coach at Woodford County but he was an assistant. Human memory is not a reliable source.
  11. The public is fickle and society is changing quickly. Attendance at all spectator sports is down while tv viewing is up. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and schools need to think twice about live video streaming unless they monetize it and, even then, is that a good trade off for the lack of community fellowship that is generated in a packed gym or football stadium.
  12. He pled guilty. Duffy pleads guilty to sodomy charges - The Advocate-Messenger | The Advocate-Messenger
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