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  1. Clay's starting QB is out(sickness) along with their starting middle linebacker(injury)... don't know any score but I'm sure it'll be a long night for the Tigers.
  2. 5-1 Clay Co. vs. 6-0 Perry Central. Big district mathcup in Manchester. Who wins and why?
  3. Their coach makes adjustments at halftime and also gives them a "nice" talk... at least that would be my guess. Arnett is a prior defensive coach and learned under one of the best high school coaches in the nation(Bill Castle- Lakeland, Fla.) If you notice, Clay tends to give up most of their pts. in the 1st half. Clay has given up 117 pts. this year with only 38(close estimate) of those coming in the 2nd half. So, either they make great adjustments or their team is in better shape... or both.
  4. KC went for 2 after matching TDs with JC but was stopped on their try for 2 pt. conversion. KC led most of 2nd half.
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