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  1. There were teams from Multiple states. 2 games against Tennessee teams. It speaks volumes for the teams in the tri state area.
  2. Time will tell on the recruitment. He was impressed by how hard he played. Has good size and speed. Another coach on UK staff coached Chris Kelly at Eastern.
  3. A UK coach at the Glasgow vs NCC game was impressed with Kyle on Friday night.
  4. Reasons for Delays Head Director turning in scores. Head Director getting stores from there Coaches. Having someone verify these scores are correct. Wait for reply again. Because most are not correct. Scheduling games requires approval on Monday from school ADs. No 1 reason. To many people complaining, no one wants to do the job. Because to many people complaining.
  5. Union Raiders and Nky Bandits are always good bets
  6. I think he sounds like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh
  7. Full lineup today at Mills Road park Red Devils vs Boone County, Ft Thomas Bandits vs Bt Games started at 10. Senior play at 6:00 It's gonna be a hot one. I am starting to believe in global warming
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