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  1. I witnessed him acting like a total punk on the basketball court in elementary school. My kid would have been yanked off the court (by me) if he had acted that way. Zeke has never been held accountable for his actions. He got in trouble many times in high school and it was covered up, overlooked, whatever. This may be the time his parents can't come to his rescue.
  2. No, YOU have no clue who it is. I'm quite sure Boone knows what they are doing.
  3. Smith may have been uncomfortable with the teaching requirements of the Boone job. He's been out of teaching for several years and a lot has changed in that time in what's expected of high school teachers. Standards are very high now. Last thing he taught was Driver's Ed. Boone doesn't even offer that class. I doubt many high schools do.
  4. If he's not hurt its either discipline or grades.
  5. The choir was the best part of the game.
  6. You probably have some left over from all the crow you had to eat last season.
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