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NKYFL - Week 7 - Sept. 23 & 24


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NKYFL Games of the Week:


Midget - American Division


#1 Ludlow (5-1) vs. #3 Taylor Mill (4-2) - Saturday at Mills Road

#2 Spartans (5-1) vs. #4 Newport (3-2) - Sunday at Newport


Juniors - American Division


Walton-Verona (3-2) vs. Bellevue (5-1) - Sunday at Walton


Juniors - National Division


Bandits (3-3) vs. Bengal Tigers (5-1) - Sunday at Mills Road


Midget Youth


Taylor Mill Eagles (5-0) vs. Ludlow (2-1) - Saturday at Mills Road


Junior Youth


Spartans (5-0) vs. Bandits (4-1) - Sunday at Mills Road

Union Raiders 2 (3-3) vs. Erlanger (3-2) - Sunday at Lloyd

Taylor Mill Eagles (3-3) vs. Bellevue (3-2) - Saturday at Mills Road

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Ludlow Midgets (6-1) defeat Taylor Mill (4-3), 27-6, this afternoon at Mills Road Park. In the process, the Panthers clinch the #1 seed in the Midget American Division, which gives the Spartans (5-1) the #2 seed.


Taylor Mill's Midget Youth remains undefeated (6-0) as they clobber Ludlow (2-2).

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These post's for NKYFL, Youth Baseball, Basketball, Cheer etc are not really for this Forum. Middle School should be for Middle School only sports.


I think someone/ Admin should move these posts to the http://bluegrasspreps.com/aau-select-club/ section since the NKYFL is more of a select group for youths...not middle schoolers... or even better yet someone start a Sub Forum called Youth Sports etc...


Just a thought...

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