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  1. these were the predictions I meant to quote and they were made before the season started. And I disagree on the assumption that the 13th is weak.
  2. So much for these predictions. Nick Capps pitched all 7 innings for the Jackets yesterday while Boggs pitched for HC. The Jackets won 6-4.
  3. Bell County has a great group of young kids...who have decided not to play up but to play their 8th grade season with their middle school team. From what I understand, they will be dismal. Knox Central's coach is a very up-and-coming coach. I am excited to see what they put on the field next year. Unfortunately, even if they win their district, if they draw a tough first round opponent who didn't win their district, like the loser of Middlesboro/Harlan County, Corbin/Whitley/South, or Clay/North, then I don't see them being able to win the regional title. Don't get me wrong, they have a great ace that can beat anyone and a solid number 2 in Bailey. But, if they are forced to throw either on in the first round, I don't think they will have enough steam in the championship. I understand this is just a prediction of my own, but it just seems their team isn't great without either two on the mound. If I remember correctly about Middlesboro/Harlan County, the Cox kid pitched for Middlesboro in their first meeting when they beat HC on the road. Cox is back this year.
  4. You would have that top 5. Now don't get me wrong, I did have HC at #5 in my poll. But they are not better than NL and they are definitely not better than Middlesboro. While it did go into extra innings in the district championship, Middlesboro beat them earlier in the 5-6 and 10-15. Swept. They also lost to NL 5-8. And before you say how many starters you return, tell me how many starters NL and Middlesboro return? If you don't know, then how many you be sure HC is returning a better situation? All banter aside, I am pumped that it is March and that baseball season is here. SL opens the season with KC at home. Talk about a tough opener.
  5. Actually I think Middlesboro only lost two pitchers. While both were good, the lefty sophomore they return 2 hit Clay County last year as a freshman. They will be very good. I'm excited to see how their game with Knox Central in week 1 turns out. Plus, if not for any other reason at all, you have to put them top 3 based on Bill Powell. He's a KHSBCA Hall of Fame coach for a reason. I have no clue why Harlan County is so high on your list. They didn't win their district and got bounced first round of region. Heck they got beat 3 times by Middlesboro last year. While Lewis was a good player, I have my doubts about his coaching. Knox Central will be a very tough team this year. Going into the season, they have the ace of the region in King. Bell County lost a great coach in John Smith and now has some coach that has been out of a coaching gig for a few years. Plus, they don't return the core of their team at all. lol. They lost quite a few guys. I see them getting beat early and often. There are actually quite a few single A schools in our region. I know that Middlesboro has won the All "A" regional and sectional tournaments the last two years with Williamsburg being their top opponent in the region. I will be very interested to see what Whitley and South do this year.
  6. I can understand that opinion (even though I hate NL). NL looked so bad against Corbin to end the year tho. NL will play Middlesboro this year tho so that should solve this debate for us.
  7. Of course they're the team to beat. They are regional champs and return most of their team. I hope they have as big a head as some of their fans though. I will say this though, Middlesboro should have beaten them in the semis last year. They looked like the better team.
  8. With the season not even a month away from starting, who do you think should be ranked in the top 5 to start the season in the the 13th region. I say: 1. Clay County 2. Middlesboro 3. North Laurel 4. Corbin 5. Harlan County While I don't think South should be up there to start, you always have to respect a program of their tradition. They will be there come tournament time. Any thoughts?
  9. I would say Clay County, Middlesboro, and Corbin are the top teams returning. North and South would be the next two but they aren't real close to start the season.
  10. I was told that John Smith left his position at Bell County to join his alma mater Middlesboro as an assistant coach. Is this true? If so, that is a great addition to their staff and a huge loss for the Bobcats. Middlesboro's coaching staff now comprises of Bill Powell, John Smith, and Vince Powell which may now be the strongest staff in the region. Who takes over at Bell County?
  11. Great game to watch. All around good offense by both teams. Middlesboro provided the power while Clay County provided the finesse (they also hit their share of line drives in the gap). Good baseball.
  12. As mentioned before, it wasn't Powell's call. Regardless, go to 3 Final Four's like Powell has and then you can question him. I went to both games last night and if Clay County plays anywhere close to the way they did against Middlesboro, they'll win by 5+ runs. Speaking of bush league, what was up with Ledington challenging who the home team was 5 minutes before the game. haha I guess I had forgotten that he's only been a head coach for about 3 or 4 years. That's the way they've done it for 25 years Rob. Read a rulebook.
  13. There lies the root of the problem. Just a big load of crap from McWhorter in my opinion. He said they may have checked out already...he didn't know. Sounds like he didn't want to play.
  14. I don't see how this benefits Middlesboro at all actually. They threw their ace against us on Monday and he went a full seven innings. Even with the rainout, the championship is still being played on the same day, Thursday, which makes Ferguson from Middlesboro, still unable to go. Where is the advantage for them? And weren't they set to host the region next year anyway? Sounds like sour grapes to me.
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