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  1. I'm not sure about Middlesbor being at two right now, maybe North two and Middlesboro 3.
  2. I've kept quiet about this one except for starting the thread, but what i do know is that the sprit and faith is throughout the town of Corbin and everybody is behind this team! With that said, this Redhound team has more heart and determination than any school or any sport I have watched and I think that will lead the Hounds past Breds for a shot at the 2A title! GO HOUNDS!
  3. For the 3rd in a row Corbin and P-burg will face off in the region finals, and this year it's at Corbin! 2 years ago Corbin went into the game the undefeated and last year P-burg was undefeated. I'm having mix feelings about this one but as always my heart says Corbin. Corbin 28-14.
  4. 5: Belfry 3: Mayfield 3: Central 1: Ryle 1: Christian County 1: Pulaski County 1: Lone Oak 1: Corbin 1: Owensboro Catholic 1: Lexington Catholic TB: 52
  5. Leslie takes a visit to Corbin for a rematch and IMO it could get ugly. Corbin is been playing lights out these past few weeks, and I don't look for things to change. Corbin by 6+ Touchdowns.
  6. Ok? I don't Blame coach Jewell for not worrying about 2013 or 2014 he's more worried about this year than anthing.
  7. Obviously none of you guys read the newspaper or know anything about the situation! Coach Jewell said himself that he has the schedule already made out for the next two years, it's not Corbin doesn't want to play whitley. You can't just schedule games with a two year contract and say well were going to drop you now because Whitley wants a home and home game for playing in our bowl, it doesn't work like that!
  8. I agree! Corbin has really turned it on here in the 2nd half of the season, and I don't look for much to change in this one. Corbin by 2 touchdowns.
  9. Middlesboro and North had this up their sleeve so they could both throw their aces... Shouldn't Powell already be happy? He got the region when we wasn't supposed to!!!
  10. Yes, because he'll bring all the Lexington players to Manchester with him!!!
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