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  1. Can't turn 19 before Aug. 1 senior year.
  2. He is a heck of a player. I'm not sure kid describes him. Probably 6ft 2 220lbs and already 19. That young man will be hard to deal with.
  3. No. I've always thought a coach is best judged by his record in close games. It took me about 5 min to go through his record on KHSAA.
  4. The thing not impressive about his record is he 19-17 in games decided by 7 points or less.
  5. Trinity will usually have 100 freshman. By senior year mid 20's to 40. Are these kids eventually cute from squad or just weed them self out?
  6. UK will get and the attendance will be best ever I believe. My question is, what does Russell athletic and WKU pay to host? I've tried to find it but can't!
  7. The Conference USA Chsmpinship game will be Saturday. The team with highest conference winning % will host. ESPN has the rights to game so they can schedule kickoff what ever time they want. I personally liked that Saturday college game also. But, the weather was perfect!!
  8. From what I understand it's a done deal. 2017-18 playoffs will be within district. Last 2 weeks of regular season will not be used for district games!!!!
  9. All of beechwood stats are turned in!!! Are you saying they are not right??
  10. To me, if it creates an advantage then it has to be called, no matter how minimal the contact!
  11. Luke Woods for Whitley Co had 347 yards rushing 5 td's and 123 yards passing 1 TD.
  12. Everybody was Kung Fu fighting......those kicks were fast as lightning!!!!
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