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  1. It's obvious what team "paid" for these rankings! Lol!!!
  2. Check him out in the following video at 42secs and 1:50secs Keep in mind this is on the NIKE EYBL Circuit against the best players in the World, AND he was playing up an Age Group! And on a side note, he is actually a phenomenal shooter...
  3. Not even close IMO... Tavin Lovan is the best, then Tony Jackson, followed by Hollingsworth. When evaluating, I factor in who they have playing around them on their respective teams....Also, Lovan has had a few injuries that have hurt this past couple seasons.
  4. I heard Warren Central did Ok all things considered....
  5. Would you like some Cheese with that Whine..... Lol!!!
  6. You sir, must not have seen John Ford or Iggy in action much in High School... If you had, you would know that J. Ford is a SUPER athlete and Iggy was not all that spectacular when he was at South... He was better than most other players on the field, but he WAS NOT this unstoppable force that you are trying to make him out out to be, and he was not (at that time) a natural Football player.... J Ford has instincts that Iggy never had, as Spinstopher has already pointed out. Ford is playing Austin McElwains old position which should tell you how much Coach Smith LOVES HIM! He always puts his BEST ATHLETE there, and Ford is, essentially, a 6'2" version of Austin McElwain.... (We all remember how good/productive he was, right?) Many people are not aware of J Fords talent/ability because he has had the privilege of going through 4 different Football Coaches in 4 years with an ACL injury/surgery going into his Junior Season.... Those kinds of setbacks at a crucial point in your high school career are hard to overcome.... But if he is ruled eligible, I am 100% positive with Smiths coaching and Fords talent, he will end the season with MULTIPLE Division 1 offers.... (You heard it here first).... Don't forget, I was the first one that told you all South Warren was EASILY #1 in 4A and Top 10 in the State. No one believed me until it happened. I was also the one who said they had SEVERAL D1 players on their team. (TWO from last year are with EKU and MSU, TWO from this year have already COMMITTED to PURDUE and BALL STATE.... J. Ford and R. Litten could possibly be two more later.... AND they have a SOPHOMORE LINEMAN ranked #37 overall in the COUNTRY with offers from NOTRE DAME, UNIV. of TENN, and several others already!) so to your point BillNye, we WILL see, and YOU SIR shall be proven wrong. I just hope you are ready to buy me a Lobster Dinner when I am able to tell you, "I told you so!" (I just want to Add that Iggy has become One Hell of a Football Player in College and I am a Huge Fan!)
  7. Finally.... Someone who actually knows these kids who is speaking on their abilities...
  8. 1. J. Ford will be ruled eligible eventually considering his Father now lives in Souths district. 2. He is definitely better than Iggy because Iggy was a little bit better than Average High School player, but recruited primarily off his potential given his size... 3. I don't know what you are talking about on this one considering I have not been a member of this board for "years" and WC has not been good in "years".... 4. I am not negative about them... I only state that South is better, but given your obvious displeasure with that, I am assuming you are one of those "No One is Allowed to be Better than BG" FANatics.... If that is the case, no logical argument could change your mind. Bear, You should just go back into Hibernation because you are delusional...
  9. They'll travel hours to play TN teams, but won't travel 15 minutes to play South Warren?
  10. None of those 3 teams played at State?? What are you talking about?
  11. I used those as examples in reference to the comment about playing for Indiana Elite... A kid good enough for I.E. Should be good enough to play for one of our in state shoe teams...
  12. The same could have happened playing for a different in State team.
  13. Travelers Raymond Spalding- UofL Cameron Justice-Vanderbilt Jackson Davis-Butler James "Beedle" Bolden- West Virginia Dwayne Sutton- UofL Carson Williams- Northern Kentucky Drew McDonald- Northern Kentucky Brad Calipari- UNiversity of Kentucky Ben Weyer- Bellarmine Louisville Magic DAngelo Russell- Ohio State (NBA) Quinten Snyder- UofL Hoop Dreams Aric Holeman- Mississippi State Eli Wright- Mississippi State There are MANY MORE! These are just the ones I can think of off the top. Point I am making is that there are PLENTY of opportunities in State for kids. The main issue I honestly see is parents with "delusions of grandeur". They think their kids are Major D1 or a future NBA player when they should really be playing at UNC Ashville or Belmont or etc....
  14. What I was referencing in my original post was the players who are some of the Top Players in the State, but are choosing to go play with teams in other States. Why not instead stay in KY and be proud of representing the best of the best within KY? In regards to offering more opportunities for more kids to play on the Elite teams in the State, that is a catch 22.... I have seen that go well, but I have also seen it go wrong more often than not. Programs offering 2 teams at each age level often deal with a lot of controversy from parents who believe their kids should be playing on the A team. I have coached in those situations, and would honestly never do it again in a market as small as KY. In terms of Grassroots programs, there is a definite need for more grassroots programs in the Elite Programs, but here is the problem. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because they play for a shoe sponsored organization, they shouldn't have to pay.... This couldn't be further from the truth. Most sponsorships from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are just meant to cover the cost of one age group (typically 17U). In some cases, it covers 17U and 16U. In more rare occurrences, it covers 17U, 16U, and 15U... Therefore if a program has anything under 15U it becomes pay to play, but, surprisingly, people seem to be more willing to pay on non-Shoe rather than Shoe teams.... Go figure! The point I am making is that it can be more difficult to run and maintain a grassroots program with having a Shoe Contract then people may think. Especially with so many Mom and Pop teams in KY.
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