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  1. I think number 5 was ejected for Central and maybe one other kid. It looked like 2 players were ejected late in the game.
  2. Central controlled most of the game, but costly errors ultimately turned the game in the 4th. Give John credit because they continued to battle to the very end. I was very confused at the end of the game at WHY (3rd string QB) Central was in the shotgun late in the game after being under center the majority of the night. They had been under center all night slamming #5 and #25 at the tired John defense. Bad snap from the gun caused a safety late in the 4th and it changed the game completely. After the safety, Central was charged with an unsportsmanlike penalty which ended up making them
  3. Mickey is a solid player, but he is not a UK/UNC/Duke/Arizona/UL etc type player or they would have already offered. He has the length, but doesn’t have the brawn needed at that level. In my opinion, he needs a full year or two in order to put on 30-40 pounds of good weight. I am not sure why you would leave the situation in St. Louis. Great education, nice mid major fit, new arena, and many other positives to that situation. I just hope this decision doesn’t backfire on him. The old saying goes bigger isn’t always better. Hope he finds a home that will fit him well.
  4. I’m not “minimizing” anything. They beat who they had to play and beat 2 sub .500 teams handily. I just said the draw was great and the teams they played weren’t and both are true statements. Overall the region was weak outside of 3 teams and in my opinion Adair isn’t that strong. Yes they have one great player, but not a great team. I hope John Hardin makes a deep run. They have a good team.
  5. John was able to pick up a cake walk region draw, which was huge for them to get to the finals. Played a 1A 13-16 Caverna team followed by another 16-16 1A Campbellsville team. Most region teams would love to pick up a draw like this because they could pencil themselves in the finals. Larue (3A) was a quality opponent in the finals and I agree they were big inside. I think John could win a couple of games maybe in the state tournament as well. I look forward to watching all the games this week. It should be a good one. I can’t wait to watch Scott Co and Trinity square off.
  6. I was completely wrong in this one. I thought John Hardin would roll in this one. I think Adair has the recipe to stop/control Pearson and they were able to do it last year in the region tournament as well as last night. You can tell their plan is to play tough and physical basketball with him and it has worked for them. My guess is we will see this matchup again in the region.
  7. I agree with dog nation. They got smacked by Etown. John wasn’t ready to play and Etown was on this night. John has several wins for sure, but other than PT they don’t have any real “quality” wins over opponents with strong records. I think John will beat Adair because Adair tries not to play any defense and John should outscore them in a shootout. John has more overall weapons from what I have seen this year. If John gets in any foul trouble at all they are in trouble. Little to no bench at all from what I saw. Foul trouble hurt them at Etown on Thursday.
  8. I have watched football around the Hardin County area for many many years and this particular team John Hardin fielded was not very efficient offensively. 14, 12, 0, 13, 6 are half of the point total scored in games played this year. I don't think gauging offensive numbers against Breck, Warren Central, etc... are telling when running up point totals against this type competition. I watched the North game and one of the Td's in that game was a punt return. North gave up a lot of points this year too, but only 7 offensive points to John. I'm not knocking North, I'm just saying comparative
  9. Trinity by as many as they want in this one. Running clock in the first half.
  10. I think of Etown is able to stay in the game it will depend on their ability to throw the ball. They have had success throwing at times this year. I think rushing yards will be tough to come by on Friday. Another key will be which team can control the line of scrimmage. Both head coaches have played in this game many times in their careers. It should be a great high school atmosphere and I expect a good game.
  11. That's a true statement about the youth. Those kids grow up and become juniors and seniors, but right now those kids aren't ready for quality competition on Friday night. They will eventually be real good.
  12. Big game for both teams. District championship awaits the winner. I'm going with North Hardin in a close one.
  13. Bardstown is bad and Etown is not, therefore running clock.
  14. Larue hung around for sure. They won the first half everywhere but the scoreboard. 40+ plays to Etown's 7 if I'm correct. The big play was the kickoff return in the 1st half. I thought Larue controlled the line of scrimmage most of the game. Etown just too much in the 2nd. The interception changed the game. It was a good measuring stick for both teams.
  15. I think Etown wins as well. I think Larue could keep it close for a while. Etown lives off the big play on offense because of their speed. If Larue can avoid/minimize the big play they might hang around. This is a big rivalry so I expect both will come ready to play.
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