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  1. The opening speech from Patton No [one] ever won a war by dying for his country. You win a war by making the other poor, [dummy] die for his country....
  2. It's summer ball. The refs aren't going to make any more calls then they absolutely have to.
  3. So here's my question. Pseudoephedrine purchases are tracked and people are able to purchase only a certain quantity in a certain time frame. In a previous discussion about this it was also implied that if a person made several attempts to purchase outside of their buying window, their name could be turned over to law enforcement. We still have an issue with meth even with all those safeguards, but that's another discussion. Why couldn't that sort of system be set up for opioids?
  4. I realize that, said so in post #1. Just stating that the HI rules could make playing a game at 6 in August interesting.
  5. With KY’s heat rules a 6:00 kickoff in August could be interesting.
  6. Will be televised on ESPNU as the first half of a HSDH. Second game will be Mater Dei (CA) at Bishop Gorman (NV).
  7. All the court would say is that the kid is eligible, not that he/she has to pay. Just because they are ruled eligible doesn't mean the coach has to play them. If the coach truly has the best interests of ALL their players in mind why would he/she do anything that could potentially jeopardize all the team works for?
  8. If common sense regulation saves only 1 life isn't it worth it? I don't agree with that sentiment but we've certainly heard it used when we talk about limiting another constitutional right.
  9. Here's the thing I've never understood. The court ruling only says the player is eligible. That doesn't mean the school has to let the player play. People try to skirt the transfer rules then get butt hurt when the KHSAA rules against them. If they fight the KHSAA ruling in court there's no way as a coach I let the kid play.
  10. Beyond blessed to be able to announce that I've committed to commenting on this. IMVHO it's just an attention grab just like all the announcements about commitments and offers which mean absolutely nothing. I saw a kid on Twitter announce that he was beyond blessed to be invited to pay hundreds of dollars to attend some camp.
  11. First round games Monday at 11 AM Central @ Male Ballard @ Trinity (playing at Bellarmine U) Seneca @ Eastern St. Xavier @ Manual Semis and finals at UofL Tuesday and Thursday
  12. If I remember correctly when he won the Best Director Oscar for The Piano he of course wasn’t in LA to accept it and whoever did implied that he was being unfairly persecuted.
  13. I still have a bit of an issue with the seeming hypocrisy involved in this now. Roman Polanski plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor in 1977. When he learned that it was likely he would get prison time rather then probation he skipped the country. He continued to work and even won an Academy Award in 2002. In 2018 in the wake of Bill Cosby and the #MeToo movement he was expelled from the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Why did it take them 40 years?
  14. I believe the only season he actually read the votes on the island was the very first when Richard Hatch won. Season 2 when Tina won they did a silly thing where they had her and Donaldson dressed in the same clothing as at final tribal and transition straight to the reunion from the island even though it was very apparent they had cleaned up. From then on they gave up on that silliness. I put the below before I saw someone post just about the same thing. I believe that in every tribal council Probst and production look at the votes and put them in the order they want to read them prior to reveal (I'll go tally the votes). I would bet that they do the same thing at the final vote just in case there is a tie and there would have to be a tie breaker. In the case of a tie they need to get the tie breaking vote on the spot, rather then at the reunion where the person breaking the tie would have been able to watch the shows before voting. Since it was the first tie vote it would also be the first time they read the votes on the island. Looking at everyone involved it was apparent they were surprised when he started reading the votes. I immediately thought it meant there was a tie.
  15. Freedom of Speech only applies to the government preventing the speech. An employer on the other hand has every right to discipline someone for saying or doing something that they deem inappropriate. The NFL is an employer, nothing more and NFL players are employees. Just like any other employee they are subject to rules imposed by their employer.
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