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  1. While playing summer ball yesterday my daughter ask the ref to watch the elbows from the opposing teams best player. My daughter had harassed her the whole game. She had just hit her on the side of the head with one, after trying to throw several during the day to clear space. The referee then said maybe you should keep your hands off her. I know this to be true because several of our players were talking about it when we ate after the game. My question are all fouls the same and how can a referee ever give the response he did?
  2. Mercer is a good job, 7th grade group is nice. It will be interesting to see players play now that they are the focus of opposing teams, not just spelling minutes of the bench. The issue with the job, you will be held to a standard that won't come in our lifetime again. 12th region teams are going to by locked and loaded, because of the beat downs the last few years. Region contender, time will tell. Won't be beating teams by 50 points now.
  3. I know someone that there daughter played, middle school, high school and AAU for 2 years straight. She by the end of year 8th grade year was a shell of herself. She then as a freshmen stepped away from AAU and ran track, worked all summer on her bball game and had a really good freshmen year. She is still running track and working on bball some, until track is done. Then she will again work all summer and attend a few elite camps. She realizes she may again have to play AAU next summer to get where she wants to go, but the break has been great for her. Big fan of two sports!!!!!!
  4. He did a good job. Made good in game adjustments. They are very young and the young group isn't like the group they have had, except for Ivy and even with her they were way down. Good news for the Briar Jumpers in Class A region.
  5. Looked like two officials were scared in Pulaski/Somerset game to make the calls, that needed to be made against Pulaski.
  6. If South Oldham allows Jake Johnson to return kicks and punts. It will be a long ride home for them. You don't see that kind of wiggle from a player very often, in these parts.
  7. Looks like most of the coaches haven't seen the Wilson girl that has moved to Somerset. Already has several D1 offers. Somerset moves up the ladder.
  8. Maroon aren't close to what they were the last couple years. They are going to have trouble stopping the run, they are to small. Like any good program, they have had several good classes, but last year's class was special. The slide backwards begins now.
  9. Don't these rankings matter in the long run for the younger grades, but its nice to get recognition for the hard work no matter the age group. I do think to many of these rankings at a young age are about potential. Know a player entering 8th grade, that started girls varsity as a 7th grader last year, then add these accomplishments (2 Division 1 final four finishes in National AAU, voted to the middle school all tourney teams in 7th and 8th grade at state last year at the KBA, commented on at Bolus camp this year as a deadly shooting lead guard, Co-MVP at Battle of the Bridges 2016 for Kent
  10. To many people looked at a few weeks without Hall quarterbacking Pulaski and thought they knew this team.
  11. You need to check out several really good players this weekend at 6th grade State Championships at the KBA.
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