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  1. They made a lot of noise this year!
  2. We knew Boyle County would put up some points but the defense, wow! The Rebels were in the quarterbacks face all night. They limited Covington Catholic. Truly impressive performance.
  3. Covington Catholic is very capable of winning. There is a reason they are where they are. There is a reason they are undefeated. Let’s make no mistake about it. These teams belong here. Boyle County will have their hands full. Nothing will be given to them. This state championship will be earned whether it be BC or CC. Respectfully, I think Boyle County is the better team. Good luck to both teams!
  4. I really expect this game to be close. These are two of the better teams in the state. Both are undefeated. Both are battle tested. Both are deserving. I’ll take Boyle County by 10+.
  5. Exactly. I too, would not be surprised to see a running clock. And I’m glad you mentioned the defense. They have progressed throughout the season. I thought the secondary was questionable at one point but they seem to have fixed the issues.
  6. The more I’ve sat and thought about this game, I can’t imagine Boyle County losing. In fact, I’m taking Boyle County by 21+.
  7. Boyle County is going to be locked and loaded. This is a state semi final matchup with an undefeated opponent. The Corbin game was quite possibly the biggest game of the year but for the Rebels now, there is no bigger game than the one on Friday because it’s win or go home. Coach Haddix will have these guys ready!
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