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  1. I’ll rewatch it to be certain but it’s my opinion that Boyle County turned it up a notch. Like I said, a 14 point deficit is very manageable. Lexington Catholic QB had all the tools to lead them back. I think the defensive scheme(and offense) was executed a little better in the 2nd half, thus Boyle County pulling away! I respect your opinion. This rivalry means too much to just quit.
  2. How do you figure they quit? Genuinely asking. 14 point deficit is very manageable. Heck, they were down 14-0 before going up 21-14.
  3. Boyle County came out firing on all cylinders and then went flat. Credit Lexington Catholic in the 2nd quarter and beginning of 3rd quarter for smacking them in the mouth. Right after that 3rd quarter touchdown by Lexington Catholic, Quisenberry returns a kickoff for a touchdown for the Rebels. The rest is history. Boyle County looked like a different animal in the 2nd half.
  4. Absolutely. I made the mention in the prediction thread that this Taylor County program seemed vastly improved but also stated that I would be surprised if it wasn’t a running clock. Boyle County is on a different level.
  5. While the out of state competition hurts Boyle County I tend to agree with BEC. The more the season progresses the better the RPI works itself out.
  6. Nothing too fancy. Business as usual. The Rebels keep rolling. Big game next week!
  7. Thanks for the updates guys! One of the more interesting games in the state.
  8. Taylor County seems to be an improved program. However, this Boyle County team also seems to be on a different level. I’d be surprised if this is not a running clock. Good luck to both teams and safe travels!
  9. Good luck to both teams and safe travels for everyone! I’ll take the Rebels by 3 scores.
  10. I’ll take Corbin but this could be an interesting game.
  11. Running clock first half! Hopefully Danville can turn it around in the coming up years.
  12. Boyle County vs. Lexington Christian Covington Catholic vs. Highlands Johnson Central vs. Pikeville There is some really good football this week!
  13. Bodner really stood out to me and the stats proved why. He’s good at whatever position you put him. Go Rebels!
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