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  1. Boyle County couldn't compete with Trinity year in and year out. Boyle County doesn't have hundreds of players to choose from so it would take a special year kind of like this year.
  2. Boyle County wouldn't last with the schedule like that year in and year out. This Boyle County team is one of a kind. This would be the year they could take down a Trinity or a Male.
  3. I personally felt that way after Male struggled to put Fern Creek away earlier this season. Both Fern Creek and Manual are great teams but neither score was truly expected. The argument for Boyle County is there and for those who don't think so are just not wanting to believe it because no team should be able to beat a top notch Louisville team. This Boyle County squad is loaded with talent, they are well coached, and can play with anyone in the state.
  4. Johnson Central is the real deal. Not that it was ever in doubt.
  5. My thinking is that Lexington Christian will win 2A. Mercer County has proven that they are a contender. Boyle County and Lexington Catholic are two of the best teams in 4A with Boyle County the easy favorite. 5A has both Frederick Douglass and Scott County. 6A is a little weak with their teams but overall Central KY seems to be stacked.
  6. Is this the strongest Central Kentucky has ever been from top to bottom?
  7. This game really intrigues me. I can't wait to see the final for this one. Go Pirates!
  8. Beau Allen will put up some points. I expect FD to win no matter what.
  9. Boyle County finishes the regular season with a running clock. The key is to stay healthy.
  10. This kid is playing at a high level and is only a freshman. It's kind of scary how good he could be. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. Congratulations young man!
  11. What you’re forgetting is that Reese Smith had 2 interceptions against Highlands and several pass deflections. Boyle County is more than Reese Smith. While Reese is extremely impactful, there are several playmakers that play for the Rebels and him being on the field opens up more opportunities for other players. Which in my opinion it did in that game. Boyle County also won 30-0 against Highlands while McCracken lost 14-42 to Bowling Green. I’m not sure if you have seen Reese Smith play but you might want to check him out. I personally would like to see Hayes play but I doubt I’ll get the opportunity. Anyways, good luck to your team the rest of the season.
  12. You can't go wrong with either one of those choices. Granny's Restaurant is always good if you like country cooking. Olde Bus Station is pretty good as well.
  13. I'm going to have to pick against the Titans this week. I do think Mercer County keeps it within two touchdowns. I hope Coach B and his guys pull it off, though. Good luck Titans!
  14. I just realized that I said touchdown. His play on defense is what it is suppose to read.
  15. This was my thinking. Covington Catholic? Sure. Scott County? Absolutely not.
  16. I said behind Male and Trinity all season. Male beat Trinity. Then Male struggled against Fern Creek. Now I know Fern Creek is a solid team but I expected more. Boyle County would give these teams a run for their money but I would still put them behind Male and Trinity for now.
  17. Absolutely. His play on touchdown is a strong key ingredient to a title run.
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