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  1. I second this. All odds were against them and they fought their tails off. Story book ending no doubt!
  2. If true. That’s a lot of offense for 7 points. Guru & company, the updates are excellent. Keep them coming in the 2nd half.
  3. What a freaking season!!! Congratulations to BE!!! Such a tough team. They wouldn’t ever go away and sealed it with a gutsy call. Best game of the playoffs thus far.
  4. This Bullitt East team is tough! Hope it continues to be a great game.
  5. Man what a game! Lots of respect for Corbin. They have a great team and a great fan base. Hope everyone made it home safe. Congratulations to the Rebels. The escort back for Boyle County was special.
  6. Stonebreaker would be an excellent choice. He is a proven winner at a school that isn’t suppose to win. He’s just a county over. The hire makes perfect sense. Of course, that’s if he is even interested.
  7. KHSAA states that Bodner had 201 yards on 30 carries against Central. How is there that much of a difference? Genuinely asking. I’m sure the answer is it is two different stat keepers but which one is more official? I suppose it’s really not important. Either way, impressive performance.
  8. According to the Courier-Journal, Cortez Stone carried the ball 26 times for 68 yards.
  9. Go Bullitt East! I voted for Male and think they will win but will definitely be pulling for BE! Good luck to both teams.
  10. Just curious was Cortez Stone’s final stats were for the game? You could tell if he broke one tackle he could take it to the house. Boyle County did a good job keeping him in check.
  11. I’d love to hear the final stats of the game. Bodner had another monster game.
  12. Franklin County was up 35-34 with under 6 minutes in the game. Corbin made the plays and sealed it with a pick six.
  13. Central kneels it and will take this to the half. 14-0 at the half. Boyle County is up.
  14. Squib kick by the Rebels. Central with the ball. 22.4 seconds left.
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