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  1. Keiran Stockton (#6) is the real deal for Glasgow. His size for a running back is huge compared to others. He is a load to bring down. His YAC (Yards after Contact) is through the roof. Very seldom does one guy bring him down. Strength, Speed and Athletic all make for a BEAST for Glasgow. And yes he plays on the other side of the ball as well. It sure is hard to run up the middle on him. He hits hard and kids go down immediately. It should be a very interesting game. PT has always had athletes. Speed is a key ingredient for their success. If they can limit turnovers they will
  2. Glasgow was 3 of 5 passing for 39 yards last week. For the season, 64/100 and 87 yds. per game. Passed for 1214 yards on the season. Looks like their passing game is not emphasized much. Numbers indicate a hard nosed running team. 3012 total yards for 215 per game and a 1000 yard back. Total Offense for the season is 4226 yards. On the other hand, here are the Bardstown offensive numbers. Brady Clark is 143 of 207 for 2544 yards on the season which is 212 yards per game. Four excellent receivers to go to. Clark spreads the ball all around. The season running game is 283 rushing a
  3. On paper, these two teams are closely matched. Glasgow is missing two key players and Bardstown is close to full strength now. To me a major advantage Bardstown has is the play of QB Brady Clark. He has had a great season thus far and shows tremendous leadership. Key running backs in TJ Greenwell and TyTy Washington. Both have great speed and can pick them up and lay them down. On the receiving side, Shannon Tongue and Yared Raley provide TD threats on any play along with Greenwell and Washington. Special teams are solid. On the defensive side of the ball, Bardstown has gotten better a
  4. Brady Clark of Bardstown completed 8 passes for 171 yards on a nasty, rainy, cold Friday night last week. Agree that teams that can pass the ball can continue to pass the ball. Agreed that Special teams and not making mistakes are a major key in the outcome of the game. Bardstown versus Glasgow looks like a great matchup on paper. But as you know, the game is won on the field. Look forward to seeing what happens on Friday night.
  5. On Tuesday 11/16 both Bardstown and Bullitt East will host scrimmages. Bardstown will host Barren Co. and Bullitt East will host Seneca. Looking forward to getting the season started.
  6. Wish you could guarantee this outcome. Should be a good one. Will be waiting to see the final score.
  7. That would not hurt my feelings at all. Will be anxious to see the final score.
  8. I hope that you are correct on this one. Definitely will be waiting and watching for the score.
  9. When players play FOR each other, a lot of good will come from that. Not caring who gets the glory also makes a huge difference in the success of a team. This team has played for each other all season. Talented players on both sides of the ball. Many are doubting this team saying they played a weak schedule. Look at the KHSAA stats. But actions speak louder than words. So going forward, these kids will need to stay humble, strive for perfection and play aggressively with enthusiasm. And then let their results speak for themselves. One game at a time. Looking forward to supporting the
  10. Agree 100%. Coach Clark is a Great Person who knows how to coach the game of football. Brady is a true talent who a lot of people are overlooking. His numbers are outstanding. Both are WINNERS. The regular season was great and the same is expected through the playoffs. There are some talented athletes on BHS team and can put some points up on the scoreboard. Looking forward to see how the next month unfolds.
  11. Thanks for the information. I do hate that those kids will not be able to continue. I do not want to see/hear of any kid being injured. In earlier posts, it seemed as some people thought Cal and Glasgow were somewhat better that Bardstown. Maybe I interpreted it wrong. Yes BHS has stayed in the top 3. Now they will have to prove it throughout the playoffs. I like their chances.
  12. Totally agree. When Bardstown has everyone available they go from really good to really, really good. Offensive numbers are impressive all the way around. They have the top rated QB in 3A in Brady Clark. Throwing at 68% accuracy for 215 yds. per game. Has Tongue, Raley, Greenwell, Washington to spread the ball to. Two quality backs in Greenwell and Washington. Greenwell is 2nd in 3A in scoring with 19 TD followed closely by Washington with 18 TD. Bardstown is 1st in 3A in scoring at 45.8 points per game. 1st in scoring margin at 25.7. 1st in 3A in Team Passing. On the defensive side o
  13. A good win for sure. Ending regular season play with East Jessamine (5A) who is 1-8 on the year. Looking at the current RPI rankings for post season purposes Bardstown still comes in the 3rd place position. Cal is slightly ahead - .68844 to Bardstown - .68373. That close to flip flopping for 2nd place and home field advantage in the quarter finals. I know along the way you will have to beat 2-3 good teams to get to Kroger Field. Bardstown is more than capable of getting there. It will come down to who plays best on a given night. Nothing from off the paper is guaranteed. Southern over
  14. What will be the final score of this game? Obviously Male will be the heavy favorite. But don't forget about the Air Raid offense that the Chargers will bring. The four headed monster with Egan, Brogan, Davenport and Gauthier have done an exceptional job this season. Gotta stay away from that Brown kid for Male!!! Selah is a friend of mine with unbelievable talent. Love that kid, but hope BE can stay out of his reach. BE also has to slow down Male's offensive weapons. Could be a high scoring game. Good Luck Chargers!!!
  15. Thanks for taking the time to provide the above information. Crazy how the top half has so many teams ranked in the top 7. A tough road for each team starting in the quarter finals. The top 3 are pretty evenly matched. I feel the rankings will be different after next week. It will certainly be an advantage to be ranked 1-2 to get the home field advantage. Obviously being the top seed will be huge. Look forward to seeing how it all plays out.
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