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  1. Boyle County has imposed their will on the Bearcats. Other than a 70 yard run for a TD Anderson County really hasn't been able to do anything.
  2. Would have been a touchdown but block in the back on the Rebels. Got to get rid of the penalties.
  3. Lanter rolling out and the pass is deflected. 4th and 10 for the Rebels. Not a good possession for the Rebels. But the Rebels are going for it.
  4. Boyle County takes over at the Anderson County 43 yard line after an Anderson County is forced to catch the punt.
  5. Boyle County would have had Anderson at a 4th and 18 but roughed the passer.
  6. So what's the the personal foul call? Wilson Kelly made a big tackle behind the line of scrimmage for a 3 yard loss. Now it's a 1st and 10 for Anderson County.
  7. Anderson County on the 45 yard line. 1st and 10 and a flag on the play.
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