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  1. I picked both but Somerset is the most likely. I truly think both get it done this year.
  2. Fantastic win for Logan County!! If anyone finds the last few plays on video please please share.
  3. Chuck Smith accepted a linebackers coaching job at the University of Kentucky in 2004 coaching many of UK’s best linebackers ever. Wesley Woodyard & Danny Trevathan to name a few. Boyle County won 5 straight championships from 1999-2003 and went to 6 straight state championships losing to Highlands in 2004. Chuck Smith won coach of the year four different times. Chuck Smith built this program and when he came back in 2014 I couldn’t even begin to explain how excited everyone in Boyle County was. It’s hard to replace a coaching legend like Larry French, who won 2 state championships at Boyle County, except when it’s Chuck Smith.
  4. I can only imagine the stats Reese Smith and Reed Lanter would have had they played 4 quarters in all their games like Beau Allen.
  5. Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is the best Mexican food in town. I'm working with a guy from Maine and we met up one night for drinks. He said when he pulled up to the building it looked a little shady so he almost drove away. Long story short he said it was the best Mexican food he has ever had. I guarantee it and recommend it.
  6. I got to say. For me, this has been one of the most anticipated games of the season. I mean it's Boyle County versus Highlands. It doesn't get much better than that. I am looking forward to tomorrow night.
  7. I don't know about significantly. He makes a huge impact on defense.
  8. Any word on Reiley Colwick? I know he played last game with a cast but was unable to be utilized like he would be without the cast. Someone had mentioned that the cast may be removed this week. He is easily Boyle County's second best receiver and we all know they like to throw the ball. He is also extremely vital in the return game.
  9. Congratulations! We all said if he didn't earn a scholarship last friday then we don't know when he will. He is too good to be overlooked.
  10. Everyone would say the same thing going into the Lexington Catholic game if Boyle County were to blowout Highlands.
  11. Highlands has a really good quarterback in Hollingsworth. They like to mix things up as Hollingsworth averages 25 pass attempts per game and 14 rush attempts. If Boyle County can successfully put pressure on Highlands and have the quarterback uncomfortable back there then I think Boyle County pulls away winning by multiple TD's. If not then I think it could be a close game. I think Boyle County wins the game regardless being that it's at home.
  12. Two of the premier programs in the state square off Friday night. Fort Thomas Highlands (4-1) will make the 2 hour drive to Danville, KY to take on Boyle County (5-0). Highlands is coming off a stellar defensive performance beating Ryle 27-0. Boyle County took care of business beating 3A #1 Christian Academy of Louisville 71-28. Who wins? Why?
  13. My eyes are on the Mercer County/CAL. I'm curious to see where this Mercer County team stacks up against their district. On paper it looks to be a close game. We shall see.
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