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  1. While we wait. The GS defense looks pretty tough. Boyle County had the one explosive play at the beginning from a few missed tackles but they look great.
  2. 4th and 6. Punt coming. Boyle County ball at the GS 49 yard line.
  3. Good screen pass. Boyle County holds though. 4th down coming.
  4. Boyle County punt. 44 yards into the end zone. GS ball at the 20.
  5. Off sides on GS. 3rd and 10. Long pass by Boyle County incomplete. 4th and 10 coming.
  6. 2nd and 8. Quisenberry hit in the backfield. Loss of 7 yards. 3rd and 15.
  7. Odd formation. All 5 recievers far right. Screen pass. First down.
  8. https://www.team1sports.com/highschool/ky/?S=boylecounty&B=612397
  9. If they weren’t already, Boyle County has to be the favorite to win 4A. Demauriah Brown is a game changer. Boyle County seems to have a few of those for next year.
  10. Good luck to Max! Glad to see UK is getting great kickers.
  11. That’s correct. Jackson Smith is the name. I expect big things out of him in the future.
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