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  1. I'm taking Frederick Douglass on a gut feeling. I get that they haven't truly accomplished anything yet but I believe they are legit. Running clock on Scott County is no easy task.
  2. Mercer County should win this one in a big way. Coach B and his staff have this team zeroed in.
  3. I do want to add that I think this team is super focused on one game at a time. Every game they seem locked in ready to go. It's never perfect but they get after it. They really want to prove themselves after the big let down to Corbin last season. This team is hungry!!!
  4. I can't get over the 1 TD win over East Jessamine. Granted it was the 1st game of the season but Boyle County would run the clock on EJ. This is the same EJ team that won by a TD the following week against Lincoln County. I'm not ready to throw Franklin County into the Boyle County/Johnson Central mix just yet but I am open minded.
  5. Boyle County will be your 4A State Champions. Johnson Central may give them a run for their money and could even win but I think the Rebels have too much fire power. I don't see any other team other than Jonhson Central being able to slow down Boyle County.
  6. Exactly. Also, their second best receiver(Colwick) still has a cast on and isn’t getting the touches he would normally get. That kid is scary good. Don’t get me wrong, Boyle County has a great group of receivers but Smith and Colwick is good as it gets.
  7. Watched the majority of this game. Complete domination. The scary thing is that Boyle County still has a ton of room for improvement.
  8. Excellent work as usual! Looking forward to the updates tonight from Florida.
  9. Excellent work! The two top ten matchups have me intrigued. I really hate that I’ll miss the Boyle County/Lexington Catholic game as I’ll still be in Florida.
  10. This is around the area that I’m thinking. Boyle County will bend but not break on defense by giving up a few touchdowns but will steamroll on offense.
  11. I don't see this game being close at all. If for some reason it is it will be purely because of Beau Allen.
  12. Both teams are coming off bye weeks. The last time both teams seen the field Boyle County blanked Highlands 30-0. Lexington Catholic was able to squeeze by Tates Creek in the closing minutes in an offensive battle winning 54-50. Boyle County comes in at 6-0 while Lexingon Catholic comes in at 4-2. Who wins? Why?
  13. Good win for Belfry. They need to save Dixon for a rainy day.
  14. Bell County has a great team but #1 is a stretch. I hope I'm proven wrong because I love the Bobcats!
  15. I saw where Collins is averaging like 17 yards a carry. That's insane no matter who you play. As long as Collins is playing I think they will always have a shot. He's that good!
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