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  1. This one is going to be a tough one. I think everything depends on the O-line for Ttun. If they can't run the ball, or give Patterson time to throw it, then the Buckeyes will roll. I think they will look at what Michigan State did on the o-line. Young wasn't much of a factor in that game. They were successful in scheming to take his effectiveness away. Ttun has some play makers in Peoples-Jones, and Nico Collins, so they worry me a little bit. Ohio State has to establish a running game, don't get caught on 3rd, and long. Ttun has a pretty good defense. Dobbins, and Teague, has to hold onto the football, we can't turn the ball over like last week. I do think we ultimately win, I do think it will be close. I also think if the unthinkable happens, and we fall short, we still make the playoffs with a win in the Big10 championship game.
  2. North Hardin, just came off a four year losing streak to DeSales. Three of those games weren't even close. There is no way they stay close to the Rocks.
  3. Colts defense only gave up a total of 113 yards. Tigers ran it for -14. I thought going in that we could control the line of scrimmage.
  4. Get ready for a old fashioned smash mouth football game.
  5. Bardstown isn't the first team DeSales has played this year with speed. We played probably the toughest schedule in 3A. We saw plenty of speed, with Butler, and PT.
  6. I see the Colts being too much for them to handle up front on both sides of the ball. I do think it will be a tougher game than what we had with CAL. I still see the Colts by two touchdowns.
  7. Are you trying to imply that the penalties weren't warranted? I don't even think you're coaching staff would argue that point. They looked totally undisciplined last night.
  8. They were healthy last time we played. We had them down 21-0. No excuse for letting them back in it. Not typical for a DeSales team. Game is at DeSales and these kids remember watching CAL celebrate on our field. It was surprising losing to Meade County, but that loss might end up being the best thing for this team.
  9. I'd rather play Mercer next week. But somewhere something is telling me we'll see our old friends from Middletown. I think CAL will watch and see how DeSales dominated both LOS. I think they will slow the game down and run the ball effectively. That will set up the play action. They've been here done that before over the last several years, I think Mercer might come out a little tight. I'm gonna say CAL on the road by a touchdown.
  10. Clemson will be in the playoffs. They aren't losing to any team in the ACC. However I can see how the committee chose Penn State at #4 over them. The win at home against Michigan, and the road win at Iowa is better than any wins on or will be on Clemson's schedule. Why would Clemson play Wofford last week. C'mon man! That doesn't help your cause. They knew the ACC would be weak this year, you have to buy your way out of that game, last year to find a team with a pulse that would have played them this year.
  11. Sloppy game. 2 blocked punts. Terrible snaps. Botched extra point with another bad snap. Fumble on the Mercer side of the field. To win by 16 is pretty amazing. It was a tale of two halves. They won the first, DeSales made the necessary adjustments and played pretty dominant football in the second.
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