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  1. It really makes the success they are having seem even more incredible! Fayette county School board really does not promote Athletics at all it seems.
  2. Their are a lot of kids in Scott County that want to play but can't or are not playing because of the numbers on Scott County's roster. Its going to interesting to see how the talent disperses.
  3. That was hilarious you guys are great! Thanks for doing what you do. Coach Truck needs to work on that list. I cant wait to see next weeks show Coach Mckee is always a good interview.
  4. This league is so challenging. I started slow had a lot going on and just couldn't commit to it like id like but i have enjoyed it for the 3 years I've played thank you guys this has been fun.
  5. I'm here I got banned from board. Forgot to do line up last week
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