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  1. Maybe. I never saw anything like that with Coach Egli. I know when teams are having a rough year sometimes players and at times coaches don’t handle it well. It’s hard to know without being with a program throughout the week.
  2. Like was stated before this is the same offense and style they used for a number of years before coming to Dixie. The offense takes a good year for it to start clicking. Even once they players truly get it it will look clunky at times. It’s just how the offense works. Kind of think of it as a coach coming in and installing the triple option. There is a larger learning curve to it.
  3. Different coaching staff between last year and this year.
  4. Am I looking at the stats wrong or are they way off. It shows Walton only running three plays. So either I’m not hitting the correct button or the stats are only really for NCC offense.
  5. They do play guys both ways. Not a lot but there are always a few that do. Could they play more both ways? Sure but being two platoon is more likely a better return on investment.
  6. The 10 yard to 10 yard line thing was for sure and it appears will be the norm now. For a very large amount of the state having 80+ on the sideline isn’t an issue. It was just how Tackett phrased it during the rules clinic that made it appear it might of been still in effect.
  7. Does anyone know if the roster restrictions were still in effect last season? Tackett made it sound as if they were in this years rules clinic because it sounded like those restrictions had been lifted for this season. If it was in effect it was something like a restriction of 80 dressed players.
  8. Between the two teams filming (and with multiple angles) and the NFHS network film of it there had to be good footage/angles. Completely agree very stupid to think there aren’t multiple good views of what happened. On top of all of that the film would show the sideline conditions.
  9. You might need to check around on this. Some manufacturers will void the helmet if not painted by certain groups.
  10. Considering the issues with getting helmets, if there is loss, other programs helping out might be the only way to play games.
  11. I know that for at least some districts (like mentioned above) an email is sent out to the coaches to vote. Like any other time you email coaches you might get everyone in the district to respond or you might get one. Keep that in mind when you look at the rankings.
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