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  1. It will fall on the HC not the official. First thing you’re always asked is “are all your players properly equipped”. Good luck proving an official knew a kid didn’t have knee pads. As far as the pants go it’s like any trend in fashion. Once things move in a certain direction it’s very difficult to find things. Schools sometimes have to adjust there dress codes because of it. Finding shorts that meet the letter of the law dress code wise can be next to impossible. Same is true of football pants.
  2. What about parents? Parents are the ones that make the choice to go somewhere during fall break. Be it there is a game or not. I find it there a good chance from reading comments those that have coached and those that have not. Those that have not tend to have a different view of most of the realities of coaching HS football.
  3. I’m surprised they didn’t change the rule about encroachment/offsides remaining a live down. That was one of the rules they were looking at. The PI rules I’m glad they didn’t change.
  4. I understand it is a “but if” statement but who says the other 20% are 100,000+ incomes? I’m sure there is part of that 20% who are (for lack of a better way of putting it) just not poor enough for free and reduced lunch.
  5. The season/year is a long grind. People need a break from 7 day a week work weeks for 2-3 months. If they took the week off but no one knew if any left for a vacation would that change things? If assistant coaches want to practice that week I’m sure they all had the chance to put in their input. This doesn’t even take into account players taking vacations. What would people think if you didn’t do anything in June? Scott Co hasn’t done anything in June in forever and it appears to work for them. Using the bye week/fall break off as an excuse or against a coach is pretty weak.
  6. So we’re worried about looks more than what is beneficial for the team and coaches?
  7. The taking the week off and using as a negative is a bunch of crap. It’s a pretty common practice. The people that have an issue with it have never coached a team that had to play during a fall break. These are kids. Let them take time to go on a trip with their families or be kids. Let coaches spend time with their families that they don’t get to see much during the season. Honestly most of the year because they are spending more time with their players than some parents spend with their kids. 3 coaches in 4 years with Jaggers being there for 2 of those 4 years. Fans and admin need to get a grip on the realities of HS football.
  8. Frankfort I believe. Bullit East and LCA before that if I’m thinking of the same person.
  9. Scott Co I believe has a freshman team along with Great Crossing. At least at one point there was a freshman league they played in with Douglas.
  10. As mentioned no one is coaching (especially being a HC) for the money. It can be a descent bump but nothing too substantial. One of the biggest factors is administrative support from the school and district. Those two things go a LONG way and they can also make the job extremely hard. I think many would be surprised by some of stuff HC are responsible for at some schools. The parents and current landscape of sports doesn’t help. Posts on social media about invites and offers. The overall change in HS and college athletics. The problems with finding and keeping officials. There has been a growing misconception of the difference between HS and college athletics that has introduced all kinds of problems.
  11. Boone is in a six team district which limits the schedule. Three of those teams are going to beat the snot out of them right now and the fourth team has a decent chance to clock them. If you do make it into the playoffs you’ve got a good chance again of getting the snot kicked out of them. If you schedule right you might be able to get to 6-4. That second half of the season getting your head kicked in has an effect. The only places I’ve ever taught are heavy free and reduced lunch or title one schools. I relate better to those kids. I see first hand what it’s like for students and not just athletes in those household circumstances. Those kids are dealing with a ton more than Friday nights. If you look at places that succeed the factors they have are very strong community and administration support. They have strong youth/feeder programs. Very few change the narrative of a program that has never really been good or hasn’t been good in a long time.
  12. I don’t think anyone is saying it’s impossible but it’s definitely extremely difficult in Boone’s case. I don’t think anyone is telling the kids it impossible or anything like that either. There are a number of factors including student population (I’m not talking numbers here) that make things difficult.
  13. When people see that a school has a large free and reduced lunch population I’m wondering what that means to them. I’m going to also guess no coach or teacher is saying anything to the students about the large free and reduced lunch numbers. The idea that is being placed in their (student/athlete) is almost assuredly false. That might be part of the disconnect in this matter is the perception of what large free and reduced lunch typically means within a school population. There is a reason that information is tracked with test scores and there is a performance gap.
  14. I don’t think Jtown is a great example. Yes they had success this past season in 4A. Look back at their record just over the past 10 years. They are not a school to use to prove your point. Other factors include Jtown is a magnet school I believe which does at least give them the possibility to bring in players. I do believe being in 4A is a factor and scheduling overall. I do believe the coaching staff at Jtown have done an amazing job and deserve a lot of credit/praise.
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