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  1. My understanding from the email from the KHSAA unless Scott Co is in the red this goes as a forfeit. The game won’t be made up I’m sure.
  2. Thought I might bump this up with cancelations happening. It might be easier to find possible matchups.
  3. The canceled district games get rescheduled later on in the season? Is that how it works?
  4. It appears the Douglas vs Scott Co game has been canceled.
  5. Coach Hawkins getting things moving in the right direction fast! I’d be Interested to hear more about the game. That’s a stand up take notice effort by Bryan Station.
  6. They might of canceled due to travel issues.
  7. There is an old saying about the difference between raising a girl and boy that I feel like is a good analogy for playing sports while not in school. When you raise a boy you only have to worry about one boy. When you raise a girl you have to worry about all the boys. If you have a football team you only have to worry about 20-90 boys. If you go back to school you have to worry about 400-1000+ boys and girls. It’s almost safer for sports to happen while we aren’t in school than in school.
  8. They’ve really hurt their athletes and football especially. I don’t think any transfers will be approved because technically they offer the sport they are just postponing them. With football some of these players will still need their acclimation time to finish. Between unenrolling in Lloyd and enrolling somewhere else and KHSAA paperwork it could be Early to mid October before some of these players even see game time.
  9. I like the idea behind when the movie is set and the direction/look it currently has. It almost has a Se7en feel to it. Fingers crossed it ends up being good.
  10. Timeouts will be extended to allow players to hydrate. There are a number of solutions and honestly hydration is the easiest obstacle to overcome in all of this.
  11. What makes you say that? Their decision is a week old now. By the time they could put together any type of emergency BOC meeting their decision would be almost two weeks old, made it past just about every person/organization that could overturn it and would be about a week away from football’s first game (soccer would be less). What makes you think they are going to 180?
  12. WDRB has a post about one of the options JCPS is looking at. 9/11 no game but can scrimmage 9/12 that Saturday 9/18 season starts I believe I have all those dates correct. What basically it looks like from a quick glance on the article is JCPS is trying to get more practice time and a scrimmage before the season starts for them. They also are starting their season 9/18 which is before district play. https://www.wdrb.com/sports/jcps-will-consider-phased-in-approach-to-fall-sports-at-board-meeting-monday/article_c4a8fc14-e596-11ea-b97b-ab9bf01c8204.html
  13. The new The Batman trailer/teaser. I thought the Nolan trilogy would be hard to follow up but this at least looks promising.
  14. If Douglas is forced to cancel the first two games things could get interesting. Game two is a district game against Scott Co. So my understanding is that would force Scott Co to cancel a game to fit in Douglas. Douglas would have to cancel another nondistrict game to open a spot for the game. Things start getting messy.
  15. Maybe but in both cases those school districts commonly play many of their games in their school district. I know it’s brought up a lot the Douglas is limited in who they can schedule due to the fact they have to play Lexington schools. If those districts want to wait two more weeks I don’t see it as that big of a deal. If they decide to not start until after district play starts and that forces teams to change schedules then it gets ugly.
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