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  1. SC currently is going with schools starting September 8. FOOTBALL - Practice starts on Aug 17, games can start on Sept 11. 7 game schedule with region/conference games prioritized first for play off seedings. Teams that play in region/conferences of less than 8 teams, game could be picked up at the end of the season. 16 teams per classification qualify and 4 game play off, ending completed season on Nov 20 (2 weeks earlier than normal).NO scrimmages or jamborees.
  2. Virginia it appears has canceled fall sports. I’m editing my post because I jumped the gun a little. They will vote on July 27 on the following is my understanding. MODEL 1Leave sports in their current seasons, but only golf and cross country would be allowed to start in the fall because they fall into the lower to moderate contact category.As high-risk sports, field hockey, football, volleyball and cheerleading would not play.MODEL 2Switch the fall and spring seasons, which means the following low and moderate sports would be allowed to compete in the fall: track and field, tennis, soccer, baseball and softball. Fall sports would be scheduled for the spring.The high risk-sports, boys and girls lacrosse, would not be allowed to play. MODEL 3All sports would remain in the season in which they are currently aligned, but a condensed interscholastic schedule would be adopted as follows:Season 1 (Winter sports) would run Dec. 14-Feb. 20. The first contest would be Dec. 28.Season 2 (Fall sports) would run Feb. 15-May 1 with the first contest starting March 1.Season 3 (Spring sports) would run April 12-June 26 with the first contest starting April 26.
  3. We do start and practice longer than most states. Alaska and us are the only two that start as early as we do. I’m all for a later start. There are a number of states that get 3-4 weeks to get ready for the season. Now football isn’t the only one that can go almost year round. Due to the nature of the sport there are restrictions that other sports don’t have. We are also lucky here that select 7 on 7 isn’t as much of a thing as it is in other states.
  4. NJ has pushed back the beginning of their season. I didn’t go into what the NJ model was in detail and I probably should have to avoid any confusion some might have. Yes KY does typically have the first game close to opening of school. We also start our season earlier than many states. NJ isn’t allowing full go practice until some time in September. It works out where they get an eight game season.
  5. We might end up following the NJ model. They are waiting until after school starts to begin the season. That way football doesn’t set back the start of school and they have a little time to see if school will have an effect on the season. There are a few states that have either started full go or will by next week.
  6. This is a legit question. Wasn’t it suggested going back to March to wear a mask? I see the difference between suggestion and mandate. I feel like I’ve been wearing a mask going back to March or so. Maybe it was a suggestion which is different than our current state. Even now though you have people that will refuse to wear a mask for a highly contagious respiratory disease. The current state might be an example of two steps forward three steps back. We made progress and then got reckless/laxxed so we are where we are. Maybe if it was a mandate from the beginning things would of been better. People after all of this and the stress/hardships that this has created have become less likely to comply. There is a whole other issue of the ripple affect of noncompliance which is probably better for another thread.
  7. Part of that is true but that wasn’t the case when they first started. Nor are they the only profession or even hobby that requires/best practice to wear some form of mask. I get the point about hand sanitizer and there has been an over use of that product for a very long time. This thread I feel has kind of veered off course. If an individual doesn’t want to wear a mask but wants HS football or even HS sports/school in general I have to ask. What is that individual doing to help football/sports/school return? Following the requests to take measures that would help lower the risk of transmission is not hard. There are hundreds of things we have all experienced in one fashion or form that is hard. This stuff ain’t hard.
  8. If wearing a mask weakens your immune system then maybe talk to a doctor, dentist or any number of other professions that wear masks on a daily basis on how they keep their immune system up and running.
  9. Some people won’t wear masks and some will. Obviously people will disagree with my point of view here but if you want schools and sports wear a mask. Don’t say you want or we need those things and refuse to do things that are or could be part of the solution. There are some that will choose either side (to wear or not to wear) that have no skin in the game. If you do have skin in the game then it makes sense to do anything possible to make progress no matter how small of an impact that step might make. There is a massive list of things that people do that is more discomforting, invasive, or detrimental due to personnel choice, social norms or laws than wearing a mask. How many people who refuse to wear masks and other measures have issue with players that appear in their eyes to act better than the team or bigger than the game? How many people love the coach that talks about getting his team better a little each day or not worrying about the other team and concentrate on what the team can control yet refuse to wear a mask or other measures? JT and many others have said it here and in other states. If you want sports. If you want to enjoy them as a fan, parent or player then do everything in your power to make those things happen. Currently that’s doing as much of the suggested measures as possible.
  10. I believe that is the same steroid. I believe the doctor I saw preferred the inhaled version but I was under the impression that the steroid in general helped. The steroid can also come in an inhaler. I believe one of the main uses of the steroid is to treat asthma. Both of my children have used a breathing treatments (not for COVID) and it’s very easy.
  11. I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around some of this. If this was a different forum then I wouldn’t have the issue but this is a HS sports forum and specifically one for HS football. I could be wrong but I have to feel like that if you participate on this forum you are a HS football fan and maybe even played the game. For former players that decide not to wear masks. We wore helmets in the heat. Mouth pieces that made it hard to breathe. We went through physical hardships that in some cases in today’s game would borderline on abuse. We played against teams we were over matched against or in physical knockout drag outs. We did all of that and yet we can’t wear a mask for 25 minutes in a store? If a player does something people view as above the team or refuses to follow a rule he gets blasted. We praise kids for being team players and putting the team before themselves. But we can’t wear a mask? Maybe a mask doesn’t help at all. If wearing one doesn’t help then ok but what if it does help? What if it just helps get a 1% improvement. Each day and each time you do it you keep adding that 1%. How much improvement have you helped in a month? If we find out with 100% accuracy that wearing a mask doesn’t help then all that has happened is you wore a mask. If we find out later with accuracy that it did help but one didn’t wear one then what? Oops, my bad? All of us that played have had our 4 years. We’ve had our Friday nights and memories. For many of us it was an amazing experience that we cherish. Yet some people won’t do everything in their power to give these young men the same opportunity because wearing a mask for 25 minutes or any of the other measures are just too hard.
  12. From the video segment I watched the inhaled version gets more of the steroid into the system since it is going directly into the lungs. When injected or taken orally the medication dissipates more. The virus affects the lungs so it’s going directly to the area of infection. Now that is my understanding so I could have some or all of that wrong. Now of course ever source of information has to be taken with a grain of salt. So the doctor could be correct, full of crap or somewhere in between. This was the first I had heard of it so I was curious if anyone else had heard something similar.
  13. I haven’t been keeping up with this thread completely but has anyone else come across the treatment of using an inhaled steroid? Apparently a doctor in Texas has been using it with what he claims is good results. According to him it’s the treatment Japan is using along with a few other countries.
  14. Anyone know what time the meeting will start?
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