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  1. Does Holmes have any scrimmages scheduled? At one point they were going to scrimmage Douglas but I believe they typically scrimmage OH teams.
  2. I’m very surprised Scott Co isn’t in the top 20. They might have a dip in talent due to the split but there are a number of those teams I’d take Scott Co over.
  3. 17 Woodford Co 24 Owen Co 31 Western Hills
  4. Wouldn’t it take into account the parent(s) income also? That’s how it was presented to me. Now of course there are ways around that.
  5. I saw something pop up on social media so I don’t know how true some of it is. 1) There is a 40k limit on NIL earnings before an athlete must give up their scholarship. I’m not sure how accurate that is or if it’s poorly paraphrased. 2) NIL income could have an impact on pell grants. It could be considered part of household income and thus cause some to no longer receive grant money. Like I said I’m not sure how accurate or how much an impact these things will make. Unfortunately people are just seeing dollar signs and it will be a little bit before you see the im
  6. Can’t play up in HS football in the state of KY varsity wise. If you’re not a freshman you can’t be on a field with a jr or above. It’s the same with soccer. There are some HS that had parents start them in school young. They’ll enter their Sr at 16 and won’t turn 17 until part of the way into their Sr year. Now 4+ years of HS weight training, game experience (especially if your school makes playoff runs) and some other factors make a pretty big difference. Due to having possibly two off seasons jacked up from Covid might make that impact a little less but who knows.
  7. 19 year olds have always been able to play against 15 year olds. There have been games with 13-14 year olds playing against 19 year olds. The reclassification didn’t change the age rule for the KHSAA.
  8. They can already do this. A scholarship is a year to year contract. A school and decide not to renew a scholarship of a player. They can also dismiss a player (though not for performance issues). So while it’s not common a school can “fire” a player. I haven’t gone this this thread so this may of come up. Taxes can get real messy/confusing real fast. Also some schools I’m sure are going to use the tax advantages of certain states to their advantage. FL, TX and TN all have no income tax I believe. Then you get into if you do a signing or some other business in one state but you go to
  9. I believe Mueller played it in college. It is a bigger thing in the northeast. I think it’s pretty cool addition and opportunity for some guys. I’m not saying you’re knocking it.
  10. I stumbled across this but both schools will add sprint football as sports. They are part of a new conference/league. Sprint football has a weight limit of 178 lbs for players. I don’t think either college has named a HC.
  11. According the the 19-20 KHSAA audited numbers Grant is at 516 male enrollment. There are only three 5A programs smaller I believe those 3 asked to play up. Highlands is one of those 3. Breckinridge is at like 495 and there is a Louisville school. About 24% of 4A has a larger enrollment (Johnson Co is around 570) than Grant. So they are basically a 4A team in a 5A district with two district opponents trending toward 6A (Fredrick Douglas and Great Crossing). Past the district opponents most of the schedule is against similar size rosters and makeup. A majority of the offense will be go
  12. I heard the offense got excited if they could get positive yards during team. When you face a defense like that everyday you’re going to get really good on offense.
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