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  1. Why can’t they play? They are moving for academic reasons.
  2. Is he class of 22? What positions does he play for Douglas?
  3. How many coaches in general are better than the one they just fired? It’s like with HHS where the better coaches in general it would be a lateral or step down all things considered. Peach is a good coach. If Danville is looking for someone to come in and take them back to state title contention right now well I think administration in general messed that up. How that whole thing was handled has thrown up all kinds of red flags.
  4. They’re not getting The Old Ball Coach. More than likely it will be someone already on staff or maybe a first time HC. Peach kind of landed in their lap. It’s a step down or a lateral move for most coaching.
  5. I don’t know much about the job. What makes it one of the best in western Kentucky?
  6. I think it depends in part on your cutoff on measurables are. I’ve know kids that wouldn’t even be looked because they were 2” too short. For every 5’9” Coastal Carolina center there are a ton of kids that don’t get a shot. I’ve also know kids that got chances because they are 6’4”. You have to have the tape to back it up as others have said. Film wise some players put together some bad Hudl highlights they send out. There are some very good smaller programs that built very successful teams by going after those guys that are a couple of inches short or considered to lite. There are some guys that get a chance despite certain measurables because they have great tape. In most of those cases it kids with really top end speed and quickness. Its certainly not an exact science. I think we’ve all seen kids get offers that we scratch our heads about or wonder why another kid isn’t getting looked at.
  7. While me might all know it would be for athletic purposes how do you prove it? One district doesn’t allow students to repeat. A parent says they want their child to repeat. They transfer the student to a school that allows students to repeat. How do you prove it?
  8. This has to do with they do some very different and specific things. The new QB will be linked to Heupel’s past or close to it some how.
  9. Historically week 11 is always the bye week. I’m not sure who they’ll get/have in those early slots. They typically play a team or two from out of state so that might be what happens.
  10. Fleming Co schedule posted shows them playing Harrison and not Newport.
  11. Being a HC isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Probably the biggest perk is you get to set the work hours. One of the upsides to this whole Covid thing is staffs have learned to work more remotely. You get a side of the ball. You get to make probably a pretty good amount of decisions on your own/control. On top of all that you don’t have to put up with/do all the other stuff that is a royal pain as a HC.
  12. With the job still open and so little talk I think it points to an internal hire. Could be wrong of course but that would make since.
  13. There is a big difference between doing push-ups and burpees and putting a bar on your back. There are a number of programs that would make the argument “it’s not fair” that other programs are in the weight room and they aren’t/can’t be. The personal trainer thing can be hit or miss but access to bar and weights at this age (even when not done optimally) can be a big advantage.
  14. I’m not connected to the program but I believe a poster earlier stated the team wasn’t allowed in the weight room currently. Now that is the case at a number of places currently.
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