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  1. Yes we’ve been able to legally use a ball since sometime in June/early July. It was in an email that went out to the ADs. Football was even specifically mentioned on how you could use a ball.
  2. Has Mason Co been doing activities since early/mid June? Teams have been able to use a ball since near the end of June. My point is it’s not like they just starting football activities and a Covid case popped up. If they have been operating like a lot of the state they’ve been doing activities for almost two months. I have no idea what the article says but with one player testing positive it sounds like they are shutting stuff down just to be safe. The player could of went on a trip and come back. Then tested positive and since he was at practice they shut it down even though no other player had contracted it.
  3. I saw this someplace else but other than that source I haven’t seen it mentioned. Did the KHSAA put a limit of 60 players that can dress? Like I said I haven’t seen anything on this other than from a post on another sports forum.
  4. In the Scott Co/Great Crossing case it wasn’t done to avoid fall break. Scott Co takes their bye week 11. I think Great Crossing is around week 9. I believe Scott Co is playing a district game that week. That whole arrangement could be sorted out some how do big deal or it could get messy. I don’t know if I would be surprised either way.
  5. For some teams JV could be a big risk for extra exposure for the virus to spread between teams. JV plays and then practices against/with the varsity. A JV player become infected from playing a JV game and now spreads it to the varsity program. Some teams won’t want to run that risk and others can’t afford to run that risk.
  6. Then you’ll also have a few schools that will have to do something because they play their district games earlier than most.
  7. Are there any 6 team districts? There are 5 and a lot of 4 but I don’t think there are any 6 team districts. So under that model teams would play 3-4 district games. Somewhere in those weeks 6-11 a lot of teams have a bye also. Restricting play to almost exclusively district play is going to be really rough on some programs.
  8. Well schools would have to start before a season would. If schools weren’t starting until mid September or even early October the comparison might be a little different. Also not all schools at this moment are starting NTI. It’s a complex set of factors for sure.
  9. I’ve heard rumors that we will get two more weeks of the current state. After that practice will start and weeks 1-3 will be eliminated so teams will play weeks 4-11 with a full playoffs. I have no clue how true that is or where those people got their information. The meeting is tomorrow at 10 so by this time tomorrow we’ll have an idea.
  10. Nebraska is going full go right now. They even had a state all star game in the past two weeks or so.
  11. I’ll have to track down the memo/statement. So winter sports get shortened and spring sports get pushed back some with fall sports playing between. As far as lacrosse goes I believe it’s more of a pocket sport where it is played/popular in just a few areas here in KY.
  12. Washington DC has decide to move football to the spring. This appears to be a growing trend with football being moved to around February.
  13. The face shields haven’t been extensively tested yet. If any of you have any experience with players wearing visors you know how much of a pain they are. The amount of heat and condensation that gets trapped in there is ridiculous. To outfit everyone with gloves and shields would take easily at least 1200.00. That is a big hit for a number of programs.
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