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  1. If it’s true then Scott HS will have three positions to fill on staff. Was Coach Dale at Carroll at some point?
  2. I agree that Frosh/JV HC better prepared you for being a HC. The problem is most people doing the hiring don’t see it that way. Also with numbers being lower in certain areas and resources some teams just don’t have dedicated lower level teams. Less freshman games and more froshmore type games past some schools. For all the advantages that people think of with Trinity it’s bodies and the size of the staff that might be the two biggest advantages. If you look at teams that have had success and/or continue to have success I would venture to say they have those advantages too.
  3. If that is the case then the job would of been very appealing. The ability to pull players from across JCPS and play in a small class. Get to build everything from the ground up. Have players potentially in the same system for 5-6 years with pretty much these staff. Then add JCPS pay on top of that.
  4. You can’t play MS kids on the same field as a JR. Football has different restrictions than most sports. This is what I think the plan is. Start with a MS team. Then move up to freshman. Now some districts won’t let MS kids play freshman football. Then start playing JV and maybe four years play varsity for the first time. Now their first year or so of varsity might not be district play. I believe LCA followed a similar model. The setup for the school sounds like it has the potential to be a very good set up. I’d love to hear more about their current HC. This is one of those jobs that if people would of known about it could of gotten some very good applicants.
  5. I don’t think you have to aim low. You might have to think outside the box or some might have to look past some blinders. I think you have a great idea of finding a coordinator. The question is who has the connections to locate one? Another option is finding someone that has been able to win due to limited talent/resources. I think both ideas could work but I think the second might be a tougher sell. Funny you mentioned Coach Warner. I had a discussion with someone about the job. It feels like pretty much no one in NKY wants to go near it. I’ve got guesses why. The person brought up Warner and I thought there is no way that would work for a number of reasons. I know you weren’t serious about him. It just reminded me of the conversation.
  6. That I could possibly see. Flashy young assistant means little to no HC experience which might prevent him from getting the job in the first place.
  7. Coming from OH might be a hard sell. You typically make more money teaching in OH. I mean in a number of cases significantly more money. If you’ve been teaching/coaching in OH up to a point then you get into retirement and how that would be affected.
  8. Archbishop Alter also throws a great fundraiser called Alterfest. I’ve helped their sports programs a good deal over the years at that thing lol.
  9. Or going down a class. If your 6A and can win a title every once in awhile but can go to 4A where the odds might be a little less stacked against you. Maybe you coach 5A and can make some progress but drop to 1A and make deeper runs. In Coach Wallace case I don’t think he leaves Bowling Green for anything past maybe three or four so jobs. He probably has less of a teacher work load and has more resources at St. X. Worse case is he gets let go and he’ll have his pick of a number of good jobs. I’m not saying he will get let go. How many coaches qualify to be the HC at HHS? I’d say more than 10. How many check all the boxes for what they want? I’d say more than 10. Maybe not many more but more. Let’s face it Coach Haywood could apply and not get the job because he runs an option based offense. Mattney for JC could apply and not get it because of the style of offense. McKee would be in the same boat. All three are more than qualified but wouldn’t get the job because of offensive style alone.
  10. Maybe or maybe you just want to see what people will offer. One might be pretty happy with their job but if someone is willing to give you more you’ll typically at least listen. I’m not saying Wolf is like this but some people like to be courted.
  11. And there are a number of jobs open if a young coach really wants to try to be a HC. There is Western, Trimble, Evangle and maybe one or two others that would be open to hiring a new coach. Most established coaches wouldn’t touch those places. GRC will go to someone with experience more than likely. Now one piece of advice that is often given to young guys looking to be a HC. Don’t just take any HC position. If you go in and on paper it doesn’t look good then you’ll have a tough time getting another job. Heck Lickert and Barth both have done well and people still don’t think they look good on paper. People didn’t think the guy from South Oldham looked good on paper. If those guys don’t look good you can imagine hard of a sell others could be.
  12. I would consider a young coach to be in his 20s to early 30s. I don’t think anyone considers Barth or Lickert young coaches by age or experience.
  13. I’ve seen the same things and I completely agree with you. Barth is an extremely good coach. He has done an outstanding job at WV. I don’t know how big of fans HHS would be of the wing-t even though it’s the hybrid version.
  14. Do you say that because you don’t think he should get the job because of the record?
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