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  1. Byrnes would do that to any team in the state. Maybe not quite 68-0 but even Trinity would likely lose by 4 or 5 TDs to them. Byrnes is like a small college.
  2. Anyone know what Corbin's new uniforms look like? I know they got some new ones. This is the first time since 1996 Since Corbin has changed things up. Back then it went from the red with the white sleeve stripes or vice versa for away to simply the numbers on the sleeve but with maroon shadowing. I imagine the trademark C will still remain on the helmet considering it's been there forever minus the Whitaker years where it said HOUNDS.
  3. Corbin and Bell have always been pretty back and forth through the years. They will have spells where one is better than the other for 2 or 3 years and then it's pretty much back and forth. I have no reason to think that history will change. It will be interesting to see if Bell can sustain life without Dudley. I may be wrong but Bell's only success has been under Hilton, correct? I know they struggled with Greer when Hilton went to Bourbon County. To the best of my knowledge, Bell was by no means a power prior to Hilton.
  4. Does anyone know Corbin's schedule?
  5. What a game! Corbin vs. Bell County Monday Night.
  6. They are more than welcome to come home and finish their hs careers!
  7. I don't think WCTT streams live on the puter
  8. Cumberland would be a good place to play the game. It would be a lot easier taking 119 up to Cumberland and the field is much better. Not to mention you have a lot better parking and it'd be great to see a game played again at Harold Shrout Memorial Field. It seats about the same as Cawood doesn't it?
  9. NewCath from everything I heard is a machine. I have no doubt that they are a physical team. With the size of those hosscats, I would not doubt a bit them being physical. The thing about Corbin this year is that they are a very hard hitting team, punish you on the line but they don't have the typical back that will pound you for extra yards. Corbin uses more of a quick running attack this year but they have been getting some very good downfield blocking. The Corbin O Line will have their work cut out for them for sure on Friday. I do love how the Redhound D has been playing and last week was icing on the cake. It's a fun D to watch fly around. Those kids love to hit. Can't wait til Friday! Best of luck to the Breds and Hounds and safe travels to the NCC faithful.
  10. Don't rule out Corbin possibly having a strength advantage despite not being quite as big. Also, I will be very impressed if NCC is actually more physical than Corbin.
  11. Corbin is VERY GOOD in the return game. It's so hard to prepare for because you never know if it's going to be a reverse, fake reverse, or taking it up the middle. I would love to see Corbin's starting field position average this year. It would have to be close to midfield. Corbin's kicker has also been putting kickoffs into the endzone quite often as of late. He really has a leg on him. The punter does the rugby style and while he doesn't have the strongest leg, his style allows a low line drive kick that generally gives a favorable roll. Another thing that could pose some problems is that when you look at Corbin's line, they will not appear big at all with the exception of Marquis McGee #74. They are very very strong though so the NewCath line advantage may not be as big at one would think at first glance. Although the Hounds do have a 6'5" 350 pound freshman but he doesn't play much this season.
  12. Two things work in Corbin's advantage in this game. 1. Team speed on Defense. This bunch absolutely flies around like wild men. 2. Special teams. Corbin has been as good of a specials teams team as I have seen during Jewell's time as head man.
  13. Can Corbin end a 2 game losing streak to the Breds? Will home field be too much for the kids from NKY to overcome?
  14. I think Corbin would have still gotten the pressure and sacks albeit probably not 10-12 that they did but Pburg didn't keep a blocker in the backfield much. Jewell and Tipton were killing it off the edge. Harp was the one doing most of the dominating though up the middle. Man is that kid gonna be a player over the next two years. He's like a runaway train out there on the field.
  15. I expect a very good game. Corbin is really clicking on all cylinders right now. If NCC wins, it will be because they earned it and was the better team that night. Should be a cold but fun one down off of Roy Kidd Ave.
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