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  1. Just 3 short years ago Highlands faced a very talented 33-2 McCracken County team that was undefeated versus Kentucky competition and walked away with a hard fought 5-2 victory in the first round of the state tourney. Although none of the players on this year's squads likely participated much less played in 2015 (save standout Rook Ellington), I'd suspect that 5-2 loss might be mentioned by the Mustangs coaches as they prepare for this Friday night's state semi-final.
  2. Outstanding pitched game by SR Tennessee commit Hunter Dreves. 2 hit CG shutout. Other than the Moeller game he threw last season it was his best game as a Bluebird, and on the biggest stage. Kuddos to Hunter and the Birds.
  3. In 2015, the first of 4 straight 9th Region Titles for Coach Baioni and the Birds, the pitching staff was likely deeper than any of the other 3 years. SR Mitchell Jones, pitching at D-2 KWC, SR Joseph Martin, pitching at D-1 NKU, JR Ricky Raisor, SO Ethan Doty, pitching at D-3 Otterbein, and SRs Jacob Noe, Lou Bunning and Kenny Ball. So to say it was just Raisor or Doty in 2015 is just ill-informed. Yes, none of those pitchers got drafted like Drew Rom, but it was so much more than one pitcher in 2015. That squad could also mash it with the best teams in the state, averaging 8.8 runs per game.
  4. Paris. New OC is none other than Pat Towles.
  5. The one thing that disappointed me from last Friday's loss to Ryle was the undisciplined defense. Not sure if that can reasonably blamed on BW but I'd certainly like a bit more class to be shown.
  6. JB went with SR Doty and he delivered big time. So happy for Ethan and JB and the Birds. Although many thought JB would start Michigan commit Drew Rom in the opener he went with the experienced saavy Senior. Ethan has pitched varsity for 3 years and is the consummate team player. Good luck to the Birds vs PRP tomorrow night.
  7. You eventually have to play the best. In 2015 McCracken was 33-2 with the only 2 losses to TN schools and lost in the tourney opener to Highlands. The bottom half of the draw is brutal.
  8. Sam Hennigan really has provided stability for Highlands at 3rd base. Not flashy (which is no surprise for anyone who knows his older brother Luke) but makes the plays he's supposed to make. Also is hitting .333. HHS Drew Rom should have been considered as well.
  9. I guess the prognosticators had this one wrong. Good luck to Beechwood's ballyhooed senior class. Brayden Combs is such a classy kid. Don't know the others well but know Bankemper and Slusher are top notch kids too. Will enjoy watching Combs play for UK.
  10. After getting beat up in early May by Beechwood Doty throws a gem in the Regional final.
  11. Birds win back to back Regional Titles. JR Doty was outstanding on the bump for the win. SR Fieger with the loss for Beechwood. Good pitching and defense always wins out over ballyhooed offense and this game was a good example of that. Birds pitching allowed 1 run in 3 regional games and only 1 run in 5 post season games. Congrats to JB and the Birds.
  12. Re: the play at 2nd base. From my perspective it did not seem vicious. CCH 2B Nick Stegman received the ball in the base path just as HHS LF Trey Bowden arrived. Each has a right to the base path. Stegman just happened to get the worst of it. Pitzer threw 2 feet behind Bowden on the first pitch of his next AB. I guess that one just got away from Pitzer....
  13. By my scoring only 1 of the first 4 runs was earned. I was merely questioning the decision to start AJ in the first place. Great athlete but it seems like there were more experienced options on the bump.
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