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  1. Depending on where they live now, they may not need to move at all. LOL
  2. Is Metamucil considered a supplement? LOL😀
  3. Very good. Great instincts and hits very hard. Only negative is he gets some dumb unsportsmanlike penalties.
  4. Sitting right next to the river, how often does the existing field flood?
  5. How much money does the HC at Georgetown make?
  6. Does Freeman have any HC experience?
  7. I was trying to give Greg some glory. Lol. Seriously, he is a great dude!
  8. Yes they did. And from my memory Conner was pretty good. Believe they won the 3A State Championship in 1983. Had Melvin Miles and Greg Spencer leading the way.
  9. I remember Coach Tassini strongly telling our kick off guy... “whatever you do, don’t kick the ball to Eugene Luke!” The rest is history.
  10. It was Lloyd that beat Cov Cath in the last game of the season in 1985. 9 and 1 and did not go to the playoffs.
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