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  1. The MAC is not FCS. They are Group of 5 FBS.
  2. Your knowledge of the history of Covington Catholic football is amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us!
  3. I was hoping that the Danville loss had been erased from history since I had a part in it. Lol
  4. Covington Catholic. Also, cousins to Micheal Mayer.
  5. Not that my opinion is worth much. But I can highly recommend Miami University. Coach Martin and everyone around the program are awesome.
  6. Jack will graduate this spring. He has 2 years of eligibility left. He is returning to Miami to work on his Master's Degree. Thank you for posting his highlight tape from this year!
  7. You have good taste in friends! Kam Butler is a great guy and an awesome football player!
  8. Depending on where they live now, they may not need to move at all. LOL
  9. Is Metamucil considered a supplement? LOL😀
  10. Very good. Great instincts and hits very hard. Only negative is he gets some dumb unsportsmanlike penalties.
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