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  1. Last night towards the end of the game the announcers said so far this season the starters had pitched 60 innings and given up 20 runs. The relievers had pitched 29 innings and given up 29 runs. Hopefully I am remembering those numbers correctly.
  2. For reference, the 1947 Texas City disaster had 2200 tons of ammonium nitrate that exploded. If that is what was involved in this incident.
  3. It is what it is. But I agree about being frustrated. Seems like the college kids got kicked to the curb on this one.
  4. I claim both of my kids, age 19 and 22. Got my direct deposit yesterday for 1200. Since I claimed them they will not get anything. And since they are 19 and older, I did not get the 500 per kid. Not sure what the age cutoff is, I have seen anywhere from 17 to 19. And, they both filed tax returns this year.
  5. The gifted field goal at the end of the half wound up being the difference WOW!
  6. Before you overreact to a simple question asked by what may be a non CovCath fan you may want to read the whole thread. There is exactly 1 CovCath poster on record in this thread saying CovCath would have beat Trinity the last 2 years. Every time one of these silly hypothetical questions comes up you bite hook, line and sinker. If you take the time to look at who is saying what you would realize for the most part it is not CovCath fans that are claiming that CovCath would beat Trinity. So now you can relax and know that CovCath is in their lane, which happens to be a very crowded lane this year.
  7. It is the same location where Germantown used to be. Germantown was very good food. Giuseppe's not so much.
  8. My guess is that Highlands will treat this game as an exhibition game. Pitch several different guys and do their best to get everyone in the game and hopefully at least 1 AB. That is how they played it last year against Covington Catholic at GABP.
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