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  1. How much is a beer at GABP? If I was in charge I would do what ever gives me the best chance of selling as many beers as I can, especially at that price!
  2. Works like a charm. Thank you!
  3. Before the upgrade I think I got all forums on one screen.
  4. Since the upgrade, while looking at BGP on my phone I can't get all of the forums to display on one screen. I have to go to forums then select High School. Then go back to forums and select College. And so on. On my laptop when I go to forums I can scroll down and select from all of the forums. Any advise?
  5. Sorry Deuce, I did not mean to quote you. Meant to quote VOR.
  6. Fair enough. You are obviously more informed than I on this subject. Like I said earlier, Brannen made his own bed with his approach to his team. It is best for everyone involved that he is no longer UC's coach.
  7. To be honest, I do not follow college hoops like I used to. To me it did not seem like Brannen was winning as much as UC is use to winning. I could be wrong about that for sure. What was his record for his 2 seasons at UC?
  8. And Cumberland and Brannen were like oil and water from the start. Of course Cumberland is negative on Brannen. See, that argument goes both ways. Sounds like Cumberland was the leader of the mutiny. Honest question, If Brannen was winning at UC would this situation be taking place?
  9. I have no idea where the truth lies in respect the this situation. But if all of these reports are true, how and why did it take so long for Brannen to be removed? Also, where are the asst coaches, trainers, managers, media or anybody else that may have witnessed any abusive behavior? Shouldn't they be called out for not reporting it? And if they did report it, why did the AD not address it? So we are left to believe the players that basically started a mutiny because they did not like their coaches hard-butt and my way or the highway approach. Maybe the transfer portal is to blame f
  10. I am still waiting for the warm part. LOL
  11. 7 games seems extreme. And I agree about Molina and Baez, they should have been suspended too.
  12. I go both ways... As it relates to your question. Lol
  13. The same George Schneider that ached at Covington Catholic?
  14. What was his deal yesterday? That seemed unprovoked and frankly out of line.
  15. That would also be a step to leveling the playing field.
  16. I agree. It will take some time but I think it would help.
  17. Or it could be the AAC or WAC champ against OSU/Bama or Clemson. LOL
  18. Strong work! This award looks at academic, athletic and community accomplishments. To win this award you have to be a well rounded student athlete. Congratulations Ben!
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