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  1. They both only played 2 years at Middlesboro. . Wynn came from Michigan and Branham came from Texas
  2. Floyd Branham was a great player and a great team captain that lead by example. He was 6'4" and 217 pounds of explosiveness. He was a very vocal on the sidelines and had no problem getting in your face. We got lucky when him and Wynn transferred in.
  3. Grant County is much improved since last season... they're loading the box trying to force Middlesboro to pass
  4. 4 minutes to go in the 1st Q Middlesboro's ball... heat break.
  5. IDK Ive not had time to keep up with em this spring.. I am though glad to have Coach Zach Massengill back with the program.
  6. We can't replace Poindexter and Prater especially on defense , they was all over the field. Also we lost a very good QB (Donnie Foister) who came in when Edwards got hurt and won the starting job. He threw a much better ball than Edwards , I guess we'll see how much Edwards develops over the summer.
  7. Never had the privilege of meeting Birdsfan but I've know him on here for a long time and we've had several conversations over the years. So Sad to hear about his passing. BGP will never be the same. RIP Birdsfan.
  8. “They didn’t have anybody on our line and that’s my call. We missed a block or he could have walked in, but that’s neither here nor there,” Frazier said. “If we don’t go for two there, then they would have gone for the touchdown when they got down it down to the four (late in the fourth quarter).” Heart-breaker: Jackets fall to Somerset in OT - middlesborodailynews.com Still why onside kick late in the 4th giving Somerset short field only up 3?? Bad , Bad coaching decisions that game.
  9. Going for 2 up 3 , everyone was like what the hell cause he knew Somerset had a good kicker and well they drove down and kicked a FG to send it into overtime.
  10. Bad coaching decisions in the Somerset game really left a bad taste in the mouths of the Middlesboro faithfuls and administrators.
  11. Surprised no one hasn't already started this one , Who wins and why??
  12. Bell County/Knox County Isnt In the Mountains anymore?? To have a "Mountain Rankings" that includes a 1-4 Bath County team over a 4-0 Middlesboro team and a 5-0 Corbin team is ridiculous.
  13. Both Bell's scores came when they had short field ,once was a long kick off return and the other was after a middlesboro fumble. They never once had a sustainable drive against our defense. We moved the ball up and down the field on em all night long, we might of had 1 punt the whole game and that was last night.. this group of kids have best Bell County on every level , Middle school , JV and now varsity so it wasn't a surprise to me.. WE ARE GOOD
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