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  1. They both only played 2 years at Middlesboro. . Wynn came from Michigan and Branham came from Texas
  2. Floyd Branham was a great player and a great team captain that lead by example. He was 6'4" and 217 pounds of explosiveness. He was a very vocal on the sidelines and had no problem getting in your face. We got lucky when him and Wynn transferred in.
  3. Thought we was in a tough district with Somerset , Danville and LCA but wow that district is loaded. I'm happy to be on the right side of the State
  4. I don't think its a upset at all , we only lost 3 players who played significant playing time last season and we are a senior dominate team , we have really good skill players and a huge line on both sides of the ball , they're big and strong and oh yeah we got a really good kicker.
  5. Its my understanding this game was called in a 7-7 tie..... what a crappy way to start the season.
  6. 30 minute delay due to lighting with almost 2 minutes to go in the 1st half , scored tied at 7
  7. Starting to rain in Grant County thank god.... 2 Mins to go in the half Middlesboro's ball
  8. QB keeper stuffed for Middlesboro on 4th and 3... grant county ball
  9. # 17 Tyler Youkum @ QB for Middlesboro ...water break
  10. Pittman is a FREAK , best defensive player since Floyd Branham
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