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  1. As far as Harrison County's field goes, I played Pony League and High School Baseball there in 1973-76. They may have played some at River Road Park too.
  2. And the Scott fans are still probably whining!
  3. Usually the way it is anytime they are playing, so it doesn't surprise me!
  4. Congrats to the Fillies on a nice season for a very young team. They came together good towards the end of the season and just ran into a much better and more experienced bunch of Lady Royals tonight. Best of luck to Mason County.
  5. Did Henry Clay also suspend some players? This story sure has become hush, hush.
  6. Harrison hung tough in this one. The Fillies youth and inexperience caught up with them in the 2nd half. The Fillies are improving and the future looks bright for the HCHS Girls!
  7. They had 2 players who didn't play according to Fox56 Sports
  8. Does anybody know how long it will take the KHSAA to act on the suspensions and if the schools will self impose suspensions?
  9. Harrison County finishes the regular season with a 4-25 record. :isurrender:
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